Monday, 18 October 2010

Collage & Aquarelle II

First of all, I must excuse my pictures, I'm not sure if it is the camera or me, but anyway, they all came out blurry...  The quality of the underlying paintings is very good I assure you!
We continued our experiment with the pieces of newspaper, all in our own way: below you'll see 4 completely different points of view!
Bibbi Isaksson finished one - it started out as a very innocent picnic-picture and has turned into a VERY interesting magic realistic symbolic funny sad narrative! There are so many things happening in this picture... amazing! Click picture to enlarge. Note that Bibbi used every line, every dot, every colour in the torn picture to express her imagination...

Cathie van der Stel tore the torn picture in two and used the colours and the texture for a fantasy still life - with a strange transparency and a hidden cat!

Horst Timmermans used a picture of Cinqueterre in an original idea, that needs to be worked out still - it is a view from a window in the train - we see it in passing...

And Lies Timmermans finished a collage picture in a logical way - there's a nice picnic going on there, the painting & photo seem to comunicate...

There was also a sub-project going on - with light/dark/contrast as its most important feature:

Woman with a hat - in the sun.
By Ann Edwards

Village in the sun
By Horst Timmermans

Redhead in the sun
By Hélène van der Kroft

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