Monday, 11 October 2010

Collage & Aquarelle

Anna-Karin Fast was our transparency-hero last week... all the aquarellista's jumped on the new collage idea, yet Anna-Karin worked and finished this double transparent glass jar within a vase... A beautiful composition - and very transparent. I admire her stamina! And tomorrow she's most probably joining the rest of us in phase two of the "collage" project...

Ann Edwards working on her collage picture - outside in the sun

Almost finished... sorry for the crappy pic! magazine clipings don't go so well with flashlights...

I brought lots of torn strips of pictures out of magazines, to be finished in aquarelle, with fantasy - but in the colours as close as possible to the turned out to be an interesting as well as inspiring exercise! Of course there were only parts of the pictures and to finish them, everybody had to imagine the rest of the picture. It worked for everyone - as you can see below (and above) 

 Creation number 1 by Bibbi Isaksson - despite the use of a printed picture in the middle it is 100% Bibbi-style!

 Creation number 2 by Bibbi Isaksson - not finished but already intriguing!
 Brenda Moorehouse's picture, she used her imagination (see open door)
Cathie van der Stel in a very pretty and promising composition, unfinished, I look forward to seeing where it is going!

 Fantasy bicycle by Marina Kulik - to be structurally changed - and then finished

VERY happy picture by Marina Teding van Berkhout - to be finished, we wonder if she's going to work with all these little squares!!
Picture: Marina working on the happy girl with balloons, Cathie in the background holding her work upside down so the wet aquarelle paint can drip in the right direction... Next time we are moving on with the collage idea, we have discussed it and will try for portraits, based on pictures of familymembers & friends. And we may also experiment with black and white...

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  1. Wat een heerlijke sites. Ik heb ervan genoten en heb me laten inspireren.
    Top. Dank je wel om mee te hebben mogen kijken.


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