Monday, 4 October 2010

Transparency continued

Because it is such an incredibly inspiring subject, we continued our developments on the theme "transparency"... Not all the work is finished and I am sure that I'll have more pictures for you next week - but here are some impressions. And as you can see every artist has their own interpretation... 
 Cathie van der Stel working with a sable brush from Da Vinci on an abstract

Cathie van der Stel's finished "glass bottles" - we all agreed that this is a GREAT aquarelle, of calm, poetic beauty

Beverly Ellsley finished last week's project by making the transparency clearer and tying up some loose ends! We like the contrast of glass versus tablecloth and do you notice the dish is actually floating! This aquarelle would make great illustration of a childrens' book - or may inspire a writer...

 Helene van der Kroft's glass bottles - a playful composition!
Helene is a very fast painter, she makes at least 4 aquarelles per session - last week she did a great one of a couple of birds, a bit out-of subject but I'll surely keep it for another post.

Horst Timmermans' glasses
Horst worked them out in a very straight-forward, simple way, by painting all different colours separately and as you can see that works really well!

A different approach, with an uncomplicated composition by Marianne van Wijngaarden
These bottles truly are Very Transparent, well done!

And we have a winner in Lies Timmermans... this is a folded organza scarf (but you recognized that I'm sure).
I am very enthousiastic about it, it looks SO real! Lies is going to work a bit more on it tomorrow, but as far as I am concerned - not too much!
What we use for all of the above, is stretched "grain torchon" paper, of the brand Arche, paints of Winsor&Newton and a variety of brushes, sable for the precise work (they hold lots of watery paint, are resilient and keep their points), petit gris (I suspect that translates into "squirrel") for the wet in wet work and a lot of other brushes - from ponyhair to synthetic.

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