Monday, 31 January 2011

Marina Kulik in the Saatchi Showdown

Here's a request for all of you aquarelle-artlovers out there: could you help me by voting on the self portrait in aquarelle (on handmade paper) that I put up in the “Showdown” on the great “Saatchi” website?
(interesting for all artists! Join it and use it for your art too!)

To be able to vote you go to

Underneath the photo (of yours truly, holding a glass of champagne) there's a link "vote here"
Click it
Saatchi now wants you to become a member: I can recommend that, they don't bother you and they do organize a lot of interesting things for artists.
So, fill out the blanks in “Join us it’s free” in the right upper corner of the webpage.
(Remember your password!)
Saatchi will then send you a confirmation email.
Click the link they give you…and VOTE....

It is a fun experiment and I am in the top 10% right now and it would be such fun to get to the finals!
If I succeed I'll let you know: even more voting necessary!
Thank you very much in advance...and I'd do the same for you of course!

Marina Kulik

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