Friday, 11 February 2011

Painting a house from a very bad picture

Because 'voting for Marina's portrait' is over (thank you for voting! Four votes short of the finale!! I'll definitely try again soon) anyway, I need a new post and have no time, so I'll bore you once more with another chapter on  'how to paint a house'.

I got a commission from a realtor, to paint a house in Antibes as present for his client. The only picture he had available was less than 10cm long and looked like this:

But - I was allowed artistic freedom, and that made it a very good commission! I took my favourite flowers, Irises, and painted them in the foreground:

The grass was straightforward, the front of the house hard to see but the trick of dark half shadows gave it a very sunny outlook! I skipped the closed parasol or other dark high thin thing and made up a palmtree. And of course a bright blue sky...
The yellow border by the way is masking fluid, which helps me keep inside the lines - for a neat effect.
And the finished product - lots of contrast, a tree, some extra flowers and a bit of reflection in the pool. 
I was happy painting it and I'm happy with the result!

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