Monday, 18 April 2011

Don't ask them to be groovy

This is the last part of a series of aquarellista-blog reactions on the article in the Sunday Times that said:

Although I mostly agree to what Waldemar states in the article, this groovy business just goes too far. First challenge of course -  "define groovy"...
Is groovy (in art) something that is reserved to insane artists, related with drama and passion and throwing paint (and other stuff) on the canvas? (or in our case paper) 
Is groovy conceptual, visionary, or original (as in 'new', never done before)
Because although all of the above can be done -and is actually done- in watercolours, all over the world, I must agree that aquarelle watercolours as a technique, in itself asks for another approach.

Joseph Zbukvic - Master Watercolourist from Zagreb

As Joseph Zbukvic says "You have to combine the skills of a surgeon, the clear thinking of an engineer and the emotion of a poet" (and I would add, the patience of a fisherman) to do good watercolours. And that description doesn't completely fit the crazy wild artist...

Pig by Carole Carter 2007

But - isn't Groovy the new 'HIP' ?!? Because I dare to argue that WE may just be the new hip!! Think technology, miniaturisation, thinking computers, nano, bio...
Shocking discovery by Chris Beck

Aquarelle watercolours are environmetally friendly, lightweight, refined, ultra detailed, easily miniatured and enlarged, there is fuzzy logic in it and chance - you can do it everywhere and the result is light & poetic, it is difficult to do, interesting and an acquired taste. 

It may not be for everybody yet - but I see a very groovy future for our medium!!

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