Friday, 5 August 2011

Excuses and apologies

Rosebud, aquarelle on handmade paper

It is almost 2 months ago that I posted for the last time. I am ashamed! But there are reasons, one is that I am posting a lot on the 'Hangar News' blog, the insider magazine of the atelier I work for. The other reason is that I have been ultra busy making money. No time for contemplating artisthood, or saying more or less wise things about art: during the day I was teaching and painting commissions, and during the night I did all the other things one needs to do, household, social, emails, sleep - And I have been working on a couple of non-commission paintings but they are for the Grand Prix d'aquarelle and cannot be published before they are judged, so! I hope this makes you understand why it's been so silent... Below two contemporary portraits for the September modern art exhibition in Villefranche and up there a small multicolour rose. The connection between these paintings is that they are all painted with Winsor&Newton aquarelle paint on thick handmade paper. As you can see it absorbs and the colours are very dark and contrasting...

Portrait of artist Catherine Earle, on her hand-painted prize-winning chair

Portrait of Jeroen Zaat

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