Saturday, 17 September 2011

Aquarellistas exhibition 'le Village'

From Saturday 17 - Friday 23 September, 7 aquarellistas show their impressions of ‘le Village’, in aquarelle watercolours in Gallery Casablù, Rue Eugène Giraud in Valbonne.

The aquarellistas are Anna Karin Fast, Brenda Moorhouse, Cathie van der Stel, Edith Alborni, Marina Kulik, Marina Teding van Berkhout, Sandra Seymour Dale

They work together in atelier des beaux arts 'Le Hangar' and for this exhibition each created a number of aquarelles, inspired by the villages in the South of France.

The paintings are absolutely wonderful, it is more than worthwhile to pass by and have a look if you happen to be in the neighbourhood! The galerie is open from 10am - 6pm...

 And After... Cathie van der Stel and Anna Karin Fast's aquarelles make a good combination!

More pictures will follow...

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