Monday, 10 October 2011

Wendy Artin - Master Aquarellista

Moto Guzzi by Wendy Artin

Highly recommended, this wonderful artist: Wendy Artin. She paints with sepia and watercolours, and uses 'traditional' subjects, models, statues, still life and the daily life in Rome (where she lives and works) yet the way she paints their light make them very 'new' and contemporary!
'Ape with red stripes' by Wendy Artin

Wendy reduces what she sees to just the essential light and dark and the result is - well - breathtaking...
Piazza di popolo by Wendy Artin

Wendy works from the real thing, for a picture like this...

Roman Forum by Wendy Artin

... she goes back to that same spot several days in a row - to go on when the light is approximately the same as when she started...

 'Laura' by Wendy Artin

'Tamara' by Wendy Artin - 2009

From her models she makes lots and lots of paintings, working very fast, and she only keeps the really good ones.
Visiting her website you can see a short film with and about her, note that she says (on 2.10 in the timeline) 'I just tear them up and throw them away'. (That's about the ones she is not happy with.) See, other people say it too...!

Have a long look for yourself, visiting


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