Saturday, 19 November 2011

The Grand Prix d'Aquarelle 2011

McRose 13, Marina Kulik.
90x70 cm, Aquarelle on handmade paper

Out of hundreds of entries, the paintings of Cathie van der Stel, Brenda Moorehouse and myself, were chosen as finalists of the Grand Prix d’Aquarelle. The work is exhibited in The Culture house of Meise until 20 November. Three of our paintings received a honorary mention and I am proud as well as delighted to say that my aquarelle 'Farewell' has won the prize of the Culture Council!

The Grand Prix d’Aquarelle 2011 was an interesting contest, with a theme that Cathie, Brenda and I found appealing: ‘Roses without thorns’. There were strict rules, the work should be made specifically for this Grand Prix, and it was not permitted to show it anywhere else before it was judged. So here they are finally!

Rose without thorns, Cathie van der Stel
50x40cm, aquarelle on torchon

Brenda's Rose without a thorn by Brenda Moorehouse
40x50cm, Aquarelle on torchon

Farewell, Marina Kulik
50x70cm aquarelle on Arche torchon

The title is ‘Farewell’ because I painted it like the roses we dropped in the water of the North Sea, after we scattered the ashes of a dear friend. And it also has as a subtitle  ’Such roses do not exist, but you can hide the thorns’. Hence the ribbon around it. I am very happy with this acknowledgement!

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