Monday, 12 November 2012

A Portrait Challenge

A Portrait Challenge...
In a recent issue of the magazine 'L'Aquarelle', in the Help section, where enthusiasts can ask the professionals for help to improve their paintings, this time a Canadian lady Marian Ouchi asked for help with a portrait she created.
As you all can see, the portrait is not bad, but a bit light and it could use some contrast. And it is (I think) a nice exercise for all aquarellistas to give this a try. An extra incentive should be the 'advice' the magazine gives.

This is no solution, it is ruining the picture...and I realize, Marian Ouchi sent her portrait on photopaper, and you cannot paint well on photo paper, but hey, you can scan a picture! Well anyway, some of our group found it an interesting project and gave it a try - more will follow I'm sure and we'll send the best ones to the magazine, so if you would like to give it a try too... by all means go ahead and send me your picture! I will make sure it ends up with the l'Aquarelle redaction.

NB: don't get me wrong, l'Aquarelle is a great and inspiring magazine, that I have a long term subscription to ☺

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