Monday, 21 September 2015

Watercolours on Tuesday afternoons in the Hangar

There was a big group of aquarellistas last Tuesday! Most finished their 'beaches":

Fantastic work of Tricia, mixed techniques, with masking, salt and wax pastels

Bev did a bit more to the chairs and added a mermaid - creating an exciting children's book illustration! Imagine a story here.... what's in the chairs? what's the mermaid doing?

Brenda finished her beach chairs - makes you want to book right now doesn't it!!

Agnes wasn't there when we started the beach project 2 weeks ago and painted an impressive beach last week, part fantasy, part from her own pictures. It is quite big and there are some elements (girl in the foreground) still missing. 
She will no doubt finish it in a spectacular way - watch this space

Nusch is back, and did she do a great job on the subject du jour - les raisins!!! 

Linda is giving 'volume' to her washed watercolour -- and it is seriously good!!
Can't wait to see it finished...

Apart from OMG!!! This is so GOOD and what a patience and skill and talent, I have no words for the eggs in a basket by Cathie!

New aquarellista Sylvie shows that she understands the aquarelle colours, with this abstract. 
Is it coincidence or just me that it I see a wine glass...

Cathie and her rusty chain. A perfect drawing, then lots of colour and sprinkle some salt - sounds easy huh!

Edith started a cameleon (that has bee sitting under a rainbow)
 Another great one by Tricia - she uses the greatest colour combinations, very inspiring!

Patience worked on several projects - but luckily also did another 'fineline' aquarelle, following the outlines of the paint with a feltpen or crayon. And then adding more. VERY interesting. Click to see it enlarged...

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