Monday, 19 October 2015

Aquarellista group paints on Tuesdays, from 2 - 4.30pm in the Hangar, with Marina Kulik

So Sorry for the dark-and tinyness of the pictures - something went wrong with the camera settings. But you can still recognise the quality of the work!

We have fresh blood in the Aquarellista group, a couple of starters, each talented and already with promising results, and a couple of advanced-but-slightly-rusty Aquarellistas!  They work from our own exercise book 'The Second Hangar Watercolour Book' which you can check out and/or order here:

These are results from the 'washing' excercise, that shows how you can 'wash' most of your paint away with a sponge and a lot of water (a great way to soften your colours -and your mistakes) and then add lines, highlights and shadows to create volume

Sylvie did a great job on the volumes upper-left and lower-mid and then added playful balloons, thus creating a happy up-tempo picture!

Carol belongs to the rusty group, but has already shed the rust by the look of it! 
Perfect exercise, can't wait to see other results after next week...

Two weeks to go before Cora moves to Italy. 
She won't be able to come on our Tuesdays, but she is an Aquarellista at heart and we'll keep following her! Picture doesn't do her work any justice, so sorry!!

Linda started the 'layers' exercise - the 'sky with stars' layer is well done, more next time!

Anna-Karin soldiered on with her trees - they have great substance now, and are almost done if you ask me!

Halloween is coming... Brenda started this Jack'o Lantern to surprise her grandson - he will be delighted I'm sure

 Kimberley created a poster for the fête de courge that was celebrated last Sunday in Chateauneuf, the village of the Hangar...

 Patience worked on another passionate landscape, with lots of automatic writing and primary colours...

The start of Kimberleys big strawberry!

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