Saturday, 10 October 2015

Aquarellistas' trees & misc...

Apart from the fishy still life (see below), we all worked on other paintings too! Cathie's last-week theme, the 'amazing Trees' had some more -amazing- results:
  A stunning rainbow Eucalyptus tree by Edith. These trees really exist!

 And birchtrees in the snow , also by Edith
(click on the pictures to enlarge it)

Detail of Anna-Karin's first brush strokes, with her typical granulating Mars black.
Can't wait to see that develop!

Patience made this dancing tree, with automatic-writing details. It has a mysterious light - and will get a darker and more connected trunk and branches in the next session...

And last but not least this very fauvist impressionist tree, created by Liz

So far for the amazing trees - but still that wasn't all!! How about this 'Miscellaneous':

This is such a cute image - and well painted! by Agnès
Brenda's strawberry received a new background and is now perfect!

Another gorgeous rusty-lock challenge for Cathie. 
Inspired by the rainbow eucalyptus by the look of it

Remember the Sunny Beaches of a couple of weeks ago? 
Agnès created one in absence and look how gorgeous it is!!

 After the asessment exercise with the primary & secundary colour scheme, Cora painted this delicate abstract...
...and still had time left to start with the 'washing' exercise - which looks very promising by the way!

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