Monday, 26 October 2015

Diversity in aquarelle

 On Tuesday 21 October, the Aquarellista group had a session again. Without Patience who will be away until March/April... Brenda was there for the last time until May 2016 and next time is Cora's last as she moves to Italy... luckily we have this blog, and email!!
Brenda made up for her coming absence by producing a series of abstract, cubistic watercolours. I was going to make a selection but I'm publishing all of them, they are so cool!!

And then on the other hand, Cathie was working on 3 radish-based paintings, of which I took 2 pictures. Fantastic and cool too - in quite another way!!

And then Sandra was back from a month absence - with her villages finished! Super interesting, beautiful and poetic... and personal style number 3!

... Edith worked on the theme - Red Landscapes -  and started a real interesting one... on Mars!
She also had some fun within the theme of 'Halloween':

As did Agnès, who created this amazing Jack'oLantern - it really gives light - and have you recognized the image cut in it??

And Agnès also finished her autumn tree! - So High...

Also the starters corner achieved lots!
Linda finished her 'layers' exercise and did a fantastic job! She really understands what that's about now and will start the background - foreground - details exercise (also layers)

Cora tried the marbles on a leftover sheet until she understood and then started her own set, to be finished at home... 20 colourful marbles! 
After this exercise she has practiced almost everything there is to know!!
 Interested too? If you want to know more you can have a look at our exercisebook here (it has a preview function)

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