Monday, 23 November 2015

Aquarelistas - session with Cathie van der Stel

17 November, Cathie took over as 'teach' to inspire and help the group. Looks like that worked out fine! Here's her report...: "A small class, but nice. Lot of tea. Cosy & warm at the Hangar...

Anna Karin made some difficult decisions on finishing off her stunning abstract, but the result is amazing.
  Meanwhile, she also painted Cezanne-like apples

Liz worked with a lot of masking fluid for her painting of a main Circus Tent. 
It took so long for the masking fluid to dry that she started a painting of a local fruit stall:

Edith worked on a colourful female acrobat. The background (probably dark) will add drama.

Sandra continued with her elephant and harlequin woman - it is getting more and more interesting! 
I love the big shoe...

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