Sunday, 31 January 2016

How to's: Covering a part of your watercolour

Do you like this painting? It a a typical watercolour, with spontaneous, flowing, transparent colours. A simple, graphic image. Would be super as decoration on a white wall.
And believe me, it is easy to make, also for starters, if you follow these guidelines:

Make an outline drawing, of a simple subject.

Cover everything that needs to stay white! This is masking fluid...
Make sure it is a solid layer, with no gaps

The larger surfaces can be covered with masking tape and paper
Let the masking fluid dry completely before you start painting! 
Prepare your paint, carefully choose your colours - and make them strong

Put a wet-in-wet layer of a nice colour mix on the work. 
You can throw the paint, mix, do everything you like, you don't have to be neat or careful...

Let dry...
And then remove the paper, the tape and the masking fluid, to check out the result!

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