Monday, 1 February 2016

Cover your whites... Aquarelle & masking...

Agnès working on a biggie with tulips...
Last week, the Aquarellistas have been working with masking fluid and masking tape. To make sure big parts of the paper stayed white and to bring out spontaneous colours, in simple shapes (See post below for explanation and how-to). We were planning to finish but some of the watercolours were so big that the actual covering took long to apply - and then had to dry. We'll have to wait until the next session to see the final result!
 Carol - a biggie with letters
 Liz - a biggie with jester-types

Some others actually finished! Andrée gave hers a personal swing, her roses look so very delicate and beautiful!

 Anna-Karin also gave her exercise a personal interpretation and came up with a set of typical Anna-Karin- tulips 

 Edith chose a more abstract approach. Actually I think I should turn the picture. 
Or maybe not! You choose...

 Michèle finished hers, and I like the flow of the colours, as well as the small white elements on the actual object! She didn't cover all the white and that held her back a little in spontaneously throwing nice colours on the surface, I'd love her to try that too - maybe on a smaller paper!!
 Sylvie did all kinds of creative things next to the original exercise and is not yet finished... Looking forward to seeing what it will end up like!!

 Celina created geometric flower shapes with masking fluid and ended up with an absolutely gorgeous painting!

And then of course there were projects going on besides this...:

 Anna-Karin's finished her fantastic beach landscape! I added the other picture to show that she sometimes works with a one-hair brush too!!! 
 Cathie works on two interesting sculpture-paintings at the same time: that way she doesn't have to wait while one is drying... They are stone but with real flowers on their heads...

 Liz finished her 'loving couple' of shoes

And Edith just added a little bit of blue shadow and made it all work!

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