Monday, 28 March 2016

Footprints & more

Andrée's tulips, so delicate!
Good work of a small group of Aquarellistas last week! A mixture of subjects and styles, ideas and tryouts...Somehow I didn't take pictures of the great footprints-in-the-sand experiments with salt and sandy colours, made by Linda, Andrée and Michèle... will post them next week! Very interesting...
 Cathie's boy & pup - perfectly finished now

Liz's happy bike - to be continued next week...

Edith is working on a commission and tried out a couple of methods to paint palms and bushes.

 Laila's girl with balloons surely gets shape

Aww - Sylvie's footprints of a Polar bear mom and  her cub (sitting)

And another stone angel added to the impressive collection (by Cathie)

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