Monday, 25 April 2016

Mood Boards in Aquarelle part II

Andrée's  Fabulous Mood board, 'Jardins'- with part real ribbon...

We were only a small group of Aquarellistas last Tuesday - we continued with our mood boards and Edith, who wasn't there last time, started one:
The first 3 favourite things of Edith... to be continued...

 An interesting and surrealistic moodboard by Patience... finished!

  Chapeau for our correspondent in Bretagne, Michele: a moodboard with her favourite hats for every season..

And then some other work was done by Patience who created an absolutely fantastic surrealist painting from the 'two dots'

 And then the busy bees who are going to have an exhibition in Gourdon soon - they worked on their collection, so here's a preview of what you can expect there:
 Delicate nude with Mosaic scarf by Sandra

Sometimes life gives you fabulous big juicy lemons also by Sandra

Composition in glass - very typical Liz! Love it

And then last but not least, we had a starter! Chatherine has never painted and had to work hard to get through the first exercises, but we agreed she did a brilliant job on her first abstract!

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