Monday, 4 April 2016

Shells & more

 Delicate shells by Michèle - her last artwork before leaving for her 'Cool-down'

Sylvie had left her beautiful 'coquillages' for us in the Hangar before she took off to Paris and Andrée brought even more beautiful specimen, and almost all Aquarellistas tried their hand at this challenge! Precise, 1-hair-brush painting required, I'm sure Cathie will be proud of you when she sees this while waiting for her flight :D!

 Brenda's chicken-shell

 Fab still life by Andrée

And a shell-experiment also by Andrée (who usually does many versions of one subject)

 Fabulous shell by Carol - note that this is a very good painting, resembling the actual weirdo shell

A perfect little shell also by Carol

Liz and Edith painted the same one and although it is clearly the same shape, they really showed their personal view on the subject - as well as their different styles! And both paintings are impressive, expressive and strong...

Also noteworthy: ongoing projects outside the subject:

 Anna-Karin's spectacular floating balloons

 Sandra's face in the tree - consider this a preview, exhibition coming up, because my picture really doesn't do it justice

 Not yet finished but another fabulous piece of work by Sandra - next week I'll zoom in on the clown's face - SO funny!

 And another watercolour by Liz - perfect square with bike (photo again doesn't do it justice, the colours are so much better in real life)

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