Monday, 16 May 2016

Aquarellistas go Mosaic... & finished projects

Yes, let me start with the finished or almost finished projects. Above you see Sandra's monk.
She has been traveling and been painting about it and here it all comes together. Light, colour, atmosphere, emotion and awe.  I am truly impressed.

 Another impressive painting, now finished, is this one by Agnès... Her husband - very good resemblance! and we hope he won't see this before his birthday end of the month!

New member but not new aquarellista Gaylanne (should probably be written differently) was rusty but still managed this lovely flowery still life!

Another fab painting by Sandra - I think it is finished, but the jury's still out on that one... If there are going to be changes I will post them later!

And then there was the subject du jour: Mosaic. Very Very good to create and express with watercolours - and an interesting design-exercise... as you can see below:

 The one that started it all, by Sylvie

A fabulous sun-and-moon mosaic by Andrée

 Linda's  flowers - great work!

Celina's Tiny Mittens - how lovely are those!

 Elia B. created this lovely giraffe - looking very natural as a mosaic!

 Very interesting salamander mosaic, the little stones look like gems! By Agnès

And Liz just started her fish mosaic - looks like it is made of glass! Can't wait to see the finished painting next week...

There was more, I owe you the beautiful work and thoughts on the Desert-Cube-Horse quiz and I will post about that in the weeks that we are in Spain and don't have watercolour sessions, so watch this space!!

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