Monday, 9 May 2016


Our subject of last Tuesday was 'Hats' and for that I brought real hats, and a part of Mona the Mannequin...

 Patience started the afternoon with a quick one of Mona with hat. Great portrait!
 Linda and Bev worked outside and painted this hat in the changing sunlight

Linda stayed close to reality and painted this fantastic hat. Very well done!

 Bev painted the same hat from another angle and from imagination added a mirror with reflection - and some other attributes!
 Celina - our correspondent in Florida (now back in France!) painted a happy hat during sundown - the next morning she noticed that the colours were so much brighter that she thought! That's the effect of natural light indeed...
 Portrait of her husband with hat and fabulous red scarf by Agnès - (he will get his face next week!) We all thought of Toulouse Lautrec's poster of Aristide Bruant...

And Bibbi is back! Although still in Sweden, she is going to work with us again - like our other correspondents! Here's the first contribution: 
Bibbi used the hat to make a model painting she already created, a little bit more interesting! (As hats do in general) and it definitely works. I love the dreamy 'very early morning ' feel of this painting...
And next to the hats, a lot of other work was created! Have a look and enjoy:
 Provençal plates and bowls on the market, now almost finished by Liz

The Provencal Market by Patience - done & dusted

 Another two black dots for Patience in the making. Looking very interesting and surrealistic already!

 Bev finished her aquarelle of a tasteful interior

 Our correspondent in Bretagne, Michele, sent her aquarelle 'Marrakech, Jemaa El Fna at dusk'. She will now be offline for a couple of weeks folks, but after her travels we can look forward to more from her hand!

Cathie started another stone angel-with-real-hat-and-flowers. Note that this one has no wings (yet)
Sylvie did more work on her mosaic; This is so finely painted, the largest tiles are 5mm long... and there are hundreds of them! I am in awe!
 'Tools resting after a day of hard work' by Sandra

 'Fruits' by Sandra

and last but not least Catherine started her washing- and volume exercise! Next Tuesday - washing and voluming!

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