Monday, 6 June 2016

Flamenco in Aquarelle

 Flamenco in the spotlight by Andrée
After the fabulous trip to Spain which Patience, Laila, Beverly, Brenda, Linda and myself made, we were very Spain-minded and decided on 'Flamenco' as our subject. (The last night we had a real Flamenco dancer performing for us)... It is a great subject, and it will take us another week to finish the paintings. But I did want to show you some of the work-in-progress! Unfortunately I did not take pictures of all the work - more next week, so watch this space!!

 Flamenco in progress by Brenda

 Carol's dancer - with passion!
 Another Spain memory, by Bev from her 'Carnet de Voyage'. for more of her work visit the Hangar blog...
 And as always an inventive other take on Spain by Sandra... Interesting portrait to be finished
Tricia started with roses from the Hangar! She is planning on a darker background to bring them out more - I agree, the yellow tends to come to the foreground... Wait and see next week - yet again 

And in the mean time, there were 2 exhibitions going on with Aquarellistas in the main role - The Atelier de Phidias with Elia B's watercolours:

 And l'atelier de Galatée in Antibes with Cathie van der Stel as Invitée d'Honneur:
2 visitors in deep admiration :D

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