Monday, 13 June 2016

More Flamenco - in Aquarelle

 Brenda's elegant Spanish dancer

There's still a lot of painting going on with the 'Flamenco' subject! Great work on passion, warm colours and movement - you will be able to admire it during our upcoming exhibition in La Roquette. And here's a preview...
 Dancer with eventail - by Elia B.

Very very good, swirling, powerful, fast painting by Liz

  Patience has created a fabulous dancer last week, but we somehow lost the painting! Hopefully we'll find it back and in the mean time she created 2 other versions! Above and below...

Sandra's Spanish Lady grows and gets more interesting every day. It is not finished in detail - but the expression is so fantastic. Have another look... I'm a fan.

And then other work was created... The big bouquet of wild flowers I brought was a lovely decoration -
 and inspiration for Tricia

for Marit
and for Laila
Elia B started this beautiful horse coming out of the mist

Sylvie's ray is really floating!

and so are Liz's mosaic fish...

Cathie is researching subjects... here's a first, an old rowing boat. Interesting!!

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