Monday, 20 June 2016


 Liz created this fantastic poppy with seed pods

In the South of France it's the time for poppies - or 'coquelicots' as they're called here. They are everywhere and  really signify the start of the summer! Because they wither so fast (and it is a shame to pick them) we worked with pictures , but as you can see below (and above) everyone has taken their unique approach and only used the pictures as inspiration...
 Linda's light hearted composition of poppies and cornflowers

 Not yet quite finished - Brenda's springtime impression of poppies. With watercolour pencil by the way

 Edith's splendid cornflower-poppy composition

 Two highly interesting watercolours by great tones

 Sylvie worked on her roses - they are slowly getting their shape and will be really good when they are finished!
Celina is back from Norway and started on this  fantastic watercolour - which would definitely also work as a real mosaic...

In the mean time hard work is going on  by our correspondents! Bibbi in Sweden is painting from fantasy - remember the cube desert ladder horse exercise? I will come back to that one later, in the holidays probably when I have more time and less subjects to write about... It inspired her to let her fantasy go - you saw a previous version a couple of weeks ago - and now it is almost finished... although, you never know, a lot can still change:
Dreams by Bibbi

Bibbi also worked on a lovely picture of a boat, reflected in the water... and when she turned it upside down it was a lady with a hat... More about that next week!

In far away Normandy, Michele is recovering from a big trip to the middle East. We will see more of that soon - and here's an appetizer- lively and sunny!

Place à Essaouira, au Maroc by Michele Charlot

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