Monday, 4 July 2016

Poppies in aquarelle watercolours


Summer is finally here! It is hot in the South of France. But inside the Hangar it is reasonably cool and our watercolour group is working hard and full of energy! The poppies are being finished...
 Elia B.


Sandra's roses. Recognize the woman?

...the flamenco dancers and the girls with lace shadows are almost finished...


Elia B

 Cathie has found a new favourite subject... Powerful stuff!
 Celina has started a wonderful painting of a conch, combined with... mosaic!
Tana tried out one of the exercises from our Hangar Watercolour book:
After a bit of doodling on the paper, fill in all the surfaces with colour. When all is dry, wash it under the tap, with a sponge... As you can see it looks very different - and some colours wash out better than others! Next time she'll give volume to the different shapes...  

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