Friday, 29 July 2016

Truly Zen Watercolour afternoon in the Hangar

 Sandra's fabulous Buddha head

On Tuesday 26 July the aquarellistas got together for the last time before the summer holidays. We had a fabulous time, despite the heat, painting watercolours inspired by the buddha. Main objecticve: express the peacefulness. It was an afternoon well-spent and here are the excellent results!
 This amazing picture is painted by Tana - she really understands how to use contrast & Payne's Grey!

 Elia B. created a very personal version of a classic Buddha. I love it. 

Excellent work by  Liz - not yet finished but already very decorative

Agnès's painting also halfway - It is completely convincing - go on like this!

And Brenda's Buddha. It looked great, the first wash was super and then she used salt and that didn't work out as planned. But now I see the picture and I think it is actually not bad at all! Sometimes all you need is a bit of distance...

There was also an exercise B, I had stuck cut-offs of an old abstract painting  on freshly stretched paper and asked the participants to finish the page... Here are some of the solutions:

Giraffes by Liz

Thistles by Tricia
Delicate flowers by Elia B.

The big friendly snake by Marina

And then there was 'miscellaneous' work outside the above...

Tana had 10 minutes left and experimented with green and salt, with this superb group of cypresses

Linda finished her amaryllis design. It's super!

A very promising start of a watery landscape by Carol. That sky is so good!

The last one is for Celina - her chair design! I absolutely love it - note the abstract on the wall by the way...

And that was it for now, it will be calm on the aquarellista blog for a while... In the mean time I wish you all happy holidays and a fantastic summer!!

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