Monday, 24 October 2016

Velvet Pumpkins

 Elia B. knows how to show velvet! A perfect job...
 'Velvet Pumpkins' was the subject du jour - inspired by Halloween, and Tana's great Facebook page Vintage Valbonne. Turns out that there are many people who create them, with the real stems. And they are gorgeous, especially when painted in watercolours!
 Completely different but amazing in colours and freshness, this pumpkin still life by Liz

 A solo velvet pumpkin by Linda - very good!

 André undertook a challenge, painting velvet pumpkins-with-drops. Finished next time

Michele is Back from Bretagne! She painted this fabulous (and funny) still life with velvet pumpkins and sprigs as stems. Also to be finished next time. While working on it she discovered our favourite Schmincke transparent orange - and is now hooked too!

 Velvet tomatoes by Anna-Karin - this is the stage between very bright red, which she then washed - and the finalisation...

 One brave aquarellista worked on the real still life with real pumpkins -- and was very unhappy with the result. None of the others were - and now that I see the picture again I actually like it very much! I hope she does too. But in the end it is always the artist who decides what's good and what's not...

Cathie may have found her new subject! Here's a detail of a really beautiful painting she's working on. Ornamented Garden pots... to be continued!

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