Monday, 14 November 2016

Fantastic Mushrooms - by the Aquarellistas of the Hangar

Last week we let ourselves be inspired by Mushrooms. Because it is autumn and because they are everywhere in the South of France. I am very impressed - and happy - with the results - but look for yourself

  SO well done these!!  Lost of volume and a great soft green background, by Tana

 And the version by Liz - in the forest but with lots of light 
Michele's mushrooms are well-painted and so subtle - they do belong in a children's book!
Sylvie started this soft velvety Rhodotus Palmatus - Looking great already!
 Mushrooms in something that looks like space... 
Mysterious - and full of imagination. Can't wait to see the finished work - by Elia!

Sandra's back!! True to character, she chose the different mushroom. (Schizophyllum Commune)

And another Rhodotus Palmatus - by Nancy!

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