Monday, 19 December 2016

The last watercolours of 2016 - by the Aquarellistas

In our last session before the Christmas break, a lot of great work was done!! I will post it all, hoping it will help you get through the dark, watercolour-less days of December... Just kidding of course!! Or am I?
 Fabulous 'Journey to the centre of the earth'-inspired watercolour by Agnès. Read more about it in her blog:

 Another painting inspired by 'Voyage au centre de la terre' - not yet finished but already super interesting! Painted by André.

 And last but not least - Elia's exciting painting of the entrance  towards the center of the earth!

 André did finish his ballet shoes. They look as if they have really worked hard, like ballet shoes should! Well done

 Carol already finished hers last week - but I had to post the picture of her ballerina shoes after being framed: Despite my crappy photo you can see that they look breathtaking!!!

Sandra's 'Essence of Liz' now complete and finished. Great work!!!

 And next in the 'Essence' series will be... Amy!
The lunacy is already there and the resemblance is coming too - can't wait to see the next stage!
  Carol brought her son Alfie and as you can see from his first ever watercolour (!) he inherited his mother's talent...

 Michele's second exercise, washing and then giving volume with flowing colours and patterns. Well done! Michele clearly understands what this is about...

Tana started with her first rose. It is so delicate and fragile, fantastic!

And after a good scrub Tana's still life with grapes looks even better!

What a beautiful girl, painted by Sylvie. The combination of the intense look and the soft lips is fascinating...

And last but by no means least this fabulous blackbird painted by Carol. She has such a beautiful, soft style, very appealing!

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