Monday, 30 January 2017

All things albino - and more

 A-do-rable albino hedgehog by Elia B. Too cute!!

Lovely light monochrome watercolour with  beautiful albino man & mouse by Michèle C

Anna-Karin (she's back!)'s Amazing 'Albino' still life.

 And talking about being back - Birgitta also popped in after a long time 
 and had a great creative start with this angelic fantasy portrait

Celina will paint an Albino ladybug in the white space - she didn't finish because she practiced 'dewdrops' first (see below)

 These vintage shoe stretchers by Carole are now finished,
I think they are absolutely awesome!

 Elia B.'s Still life with Boot-Stretchers now perfected!

Ballet shoes - painted with flair in Liz's typical style. And still fragile

Michele F spent the afternoon with this 4 layer exercise and she nailed it! Best sea ever!!

Here's and experiment, of Liz. She wasn't specifically after creation of beauty, she tried out the patterns on the lobster pots and played with atmosphere and far versus close by, and I think this is fantastic idea, to just try stuff out without result-obligation. 
As you can see, that can also lead to a great looking picture...
  Sylvie is on a roll. Here a finished painting of a Bedouin woman...

 ...and the start of a comic book-style woman with roses

Celina's practice sheet with dewdrops...that worked out pretty well!
 And last but not least... the start of a poetic still life by Carol. I love the light!

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