Monday, 6 March 2017

Lovely metal

Celina makes a simple piece of copper pipe look SO fabulous!! 

Just returned from an inspiring trip to my hometown Amsterdam, I will keep this post quite short: so much to catch up on! But opening last week's directory my heart was filled with pride, because the Aquarellista group created such fabulous work! The main theme was 'metal', with inspiring pictures and a still life with all the metal I could find in my house...
 Tana at work with the still life - great painting going on there. Below the painting as it is now, half finished, in a bold and strong style. I like it!

Michele C. used a monochrome picture with metal & fruit as inspiration, and added some colour to make it into such an attractive little painting!

 Lovely silver cutlery by Cathie. bad picture by Marina, but still, can't wait to see this finished!

Another great version of our metal still life, from the other side, by Liz - those reflections are superb! Below her still life of last week - despite rotten pic (so sorry!) you can recognize the amazing quality of the painting!

Delicate perfume bottle by Elia, and she also finished those sweet transparent Valentine snails...

I'm impressed with the dewdrops by Michele F, she really studied the possibilities! 2 more exercises to finish the program - and it is already beyond doubt that she has a good feel for watercolours!

André finished last week's still life without any input! Still life gone, no pictures... He added something here and there and the result is completely believable! Well done...

Sandra will soon start another 'Essence of' painting - here's a study - do you recognise that face (I know I do!)?

Carol started a perfect painting of two people in the sand, based on this one, also by her, of one person in the sand... After a lot of struggle she washed it - and I didn't take a picture. We'll have to wait for it but I'm sure it will be just as awesome!

And last but not least - Sylvie worked on an elephant family for her series of 'Animaux Sauvage'. Very poetic!

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