Monday, 12 June 2017

Imaginary Garden Pots

What fun last Tuesday! It was a splendid, sunny afternoon, we got together, ate Brigitte's fantastic birthday waffles and painted garden pots. Not from pictures and only lightly helped by a couple of pots on the table that were meant to give an idea of the shapes. Actually, this is what that that looked like exactly:
 Bev sat down and painted the randomly put down pots. And managed to make them look pretty good!!
The other paintings are all coming from the Group's imagination, inspired by what was on the table, and sometimes with light influences of artists like Shirley Trevana and Mary Fedden....

 Sylvie painted this gorgeous looking bunch, with the use of a pinch of salt and lots of dark Mediterranean shadow!

 Carol's Big and Bold vases - yet her style is still recognizable!

John-Carol's-brother was our guest star. Never done watercolours before in his life - well, he must have it in his genes because this looks pretty amazing! And original!

Brigitte painted without an exercise to hold on to, and look what happened... the painting is not yet finished, but it has  potential for a  true Shirley-type composition!

Sandra worked on the Mary Fedden-inspired watercolour with distorted perspective. Great to see that the perspective is used for its shape and not to suggest depth - and that it attracts attention that way. Can't wait to see the finished painting!

André worked with a tiny brush on most of this big painting, the paint pot doesn't look out of place at all and he managed to almost finish it! I'm curious what has been painted with that red  paint...

And last but not least Liz, who worked with her typical bold gestures, and a delicate flower here and there. Also she must have been slightly inspired by Shirley Trevana, created shapes from empty spaces, and transparency where it can't be there. Interesting! Look forward to seeing it finished...

If you are missing paintings here - I am so sorry! I don't have them here, but will put them in asap. Of course it also means that you have actually read this post! Thank you so much for that!
 Brenda used her Aquarellista time to finish two drawings for our big Théoule exhibition in September and October (more about that later!) They are drawn in Lucca while we had our painting trip - and are both accurate and funny!

NB: I will be away for 3 weeks, doing art-projects abroad! Cathie will host the aquarellista sessions and I will still send out 'Weeklies' and post blogs - remote!

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