Monday, 26 June 2017

Mushrooms & more...

Cathie hosted another zen Tuesday afternoon and the subject du jour was 'Weird Mushrooms'. We're talking shape and colours, not effect on your perception of course... They are often pretty abstract and therefore it is easier to be inspired by them, instead of copying...
She sent me pictures of the results and I am impressed!

Brenda finished another painting and started this intricate play of lines, which will next week become a full colour aquarelle inspired by complicated funghi

Michele painted these mushrooms, very well done! She used masking fluid and experimented with salt

André created a whole composition of brightly coloured mushrooms. I love the purple ones!

Last week there were bougainvillea, but also 'Weird Flowers' for inspiration. Elia used one of those to paint this stunning luminous flower

Agnès is back from Canada and started this true challenge of a monumental building, full of detail... She will add colours next time. Can't wait to see the results!!

 Brenda also added a bit of colour to het view on Lucca. Looking great. And finished!

 Sylvie finished her painting of an old door - and started with a new one. 
A high production as always - and 'garden pots' are clearly a great subject for her!!

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