Monday, 31 July 2017

Cute Couples

Guest Aquarellista Annabel Clarke painted this characterful image. I love everything about it, the style, the colours, the composition - and the subject. Big compliment!

Subject du jour was 'Old Couples' last Aquarellista Tuesday, and we decided that many of them have the same effect on us as baby animals. A big AWWWW factor... Have a look for yourself...
Work in progress by André. He will leave the couple white (rub out the pencil lines) and create a vibrant abstract background

Fabulous watercolour by Liz... Are they going to the dance? Or returning from it... 'She' definitely has dancing feet!

Fragile and so lovely, this old couple by Elia B. (in progress)

And how about this pair - painted by Michele. It is very well-observed and also she outdid herself with the dark contrasts!

 Cathie worked on an old single - as you can see it is super textured, her speciality! This is a watercolour, on canvas, with a thick, irregular layer of gesso.

 An other texture watercolour by Cathie. Same technique, totally gorgeous!!

Carol finished her fabulous  still life with garlic... 

 ...and started a new one with pomegranates. A complicated one that will keep her busy in the holidays 😜

'Carol at the Hangar' by Patience. This kind of small portraying happens often in our group! It is so much fun to secretly sketch one of the hardworking and not-noticing aquarellistas...

 Patience was on a roll last Tuesday. With the motto 'Less is More', she wrote down some other famous quotes, on an interesting abstract background - on a big piece of rough-grain paper...

And with the same intention painted this fabulous abstract. Enlarge it by clicking, it contains so many surprising shapes - and is also beautiful to just look at as a whole... Well done!!

Sandra is working on this still life with spring onions that has such a fantastic indian summer light...  

And last but by no means least, this a-ma-zing street orchestra in Paris by Agnès! No doubt it will be in her blog soon - in finished form, but I already love it in this setup. Note how the transparent tape, used to mark the border actually functions as a curtain...

  It is not the first musical painting for Agnès: during the Hangar-25 year party, she got the inspiration to create  this fabulous, colourful painting of the band!

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