Sunday, 2 July 2017

Texture Tuesday!

Last week Tuesday Cathie once more hosted the Tuesday session and she organised a wonderful experimental afternoon, thinking outside the watercolour box. She called it 'Texture Tuesday' and it was a great success, to be repeated!The group used canvas that was treated with watercolour gesso, salt, acrylics, brou de noix (walnut stain)  Here are some pictures + her comments:

"So many different experiments going on from everyone. 
A very concentrated group, with Bev out of shot."

 Agnes brought in her finished Canadian monument. 

 Brenda re-created the subject portrait painting using acrylic on a watercolour gessoed canvas. 

 Sylvie used acrylic & salt on a board to make her pillar & sea scene. (Not finished)

  Michele experimented with salt & lots of watercolour & brou de noix.

 Cathie's 1 minute experiment putting watercolour on gesso. Plus brou de noix. She says: "It has potential use. Can’t wait to try it again with more time & thought."

 Beverly used pastel, rubbed back a lot then added watercolour & salt for her old wooden door.

 Carol used watercolour, salt and brou de noix to make this amazing old wood with nails & a lock.

Agnes made streaks in the gesso before it dried, which was a super easy way to create the effect of wood grain. Finished with a green/gold pot.

 Elia used a gesso board to create this pretty pot & says she loves texture now & that the colours are a lot stronger on this base than using watercolour paper.

Liz had an amazing painting, after 5 minutesof  using watercolour on a watercolour gessoed board. She went on to add acrylic at the end. As expected she is a big fan.

Cathie: "What an amazing and interesting mix of mediums, with interesting results. Everyone enjoyed the experiment and everybody created texture in one way or another. I certainly enjoyed watching and I am very proud of the results." 

Marina: "couldn't agree more - it all looks very lively and free! Thank you so much Cathie for taking over and making it such fun for everyone!"

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