Monday, 2 October 2017

Broken China Watercolours

Anna Karin painted this awesome picture of a broken china plate. Did you realise how fantastic broken stuff can look?

Something from our wonderful Hangar kitchen fell & broke and there we had our subject for Tuesday! Something came up just before the end and I had to leave in a rush, and I am sorry, but I do not have pictures of all the beautiful work that was created! But here is at least some - and it is so worth your while!

Not finished, this helmet by Sandra. It will be broken too in the next stage - but I show it for the background! Impressive!

 Fabulous broken crockery by Celina - it is so 3D! And has great colours...

 Behind the broken bowl, we had the rest of the still life, with roses and unbroken bowls... Agnès chose that - and I think it is truly amazing, especially the contrast of the roses against the dark background...

 Carol painted this still life in her typical 'soft' style. It is so peaceful and deep! I love it.

Both really good impressions of the actual subject! I am in awe with the execution of both versions, by resp. Carol and Liz.. Big compliment!!

And last but by no means least, the broken china by Patience, with a deeper meaning no doubt. The female figure will get a colour in the next stage. Stay tuned for more!!

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