Monday, 6 November 2017

Painting glass in Aquarelle

 Celina really knows how to paint her glasses!
For the second Tuesday in a row we dedicated the Aquarellista session to the fabulous Norwegian Kunstglas from Celina's collection. She brought different glasses, so it felt new - and everybody was enthusiastic again about the possibilities!

Liz's interpretation of the Kunstglas. The dark grey is masking fluid - it will be the reflection of the light (the white of the paper) when removed. It is going to be spectacular...

New Aquaellista Jane blended in as if she had always been there! Welcome to Jane & her watercolours!

O-it was Halloween... Great idea of Elia, to combine the orange glass with a pumpkin - and a scary spider that will be finished next time... (shiverrr)

Cathie worked on a version too abut my photo was too unsharp. I'll show you next time.

Next to the glass, other excellent watercolours were produced too:

This awesome still life by Carol for instance...

And the big green whale, jumping out of the water - you guessed right, Patience painted it!

Same Patience also added explosive fire to her just-emergency landed plane

An amazing portrait already, unfinished yet fitting perfectly in the 'essence of' series. 

Our other new Aquarellista is Julie. She is a starter, but look at her abstract work of last Tuesday... the colours are absolutely brilliant!

Cathies paint tubes continued... They are getting shape now and the dark background works very well. They are SO Good!!

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