Monday, 19 February 2018

TWO (2)'s in Aquarelle

Last Tuesday was (lightly) marked by Valentine's Day, with our subject '2' (two)... Have a look, it is  interesting to see how different every single Aquarellista took the subject!!

Two swans, in very atmospheric colours by Anna-Karin. She did a wonderful job on the reflection, and the exciting distance between the beaks! Impressive... 

 Here's a shiny twosome! Very different and still so connected, it looks as if they are dancing! This small watercolour by Linda makes me smile.

The new girl in town, Christine, let herself be inspired by the '2' and created an imaginary air-photo. Very original take and  interesting abstraction!

Another superb duo, by Agnès, there's certainly love in the air - read more about this in the Hobbysketcher blog!

Elia B painted this barefoot couple on the beach, with beautiful reflection. At first sight very romantic, but at second glance: they are clearly in deep discussion, and is it me or is stormy out there?

Lovely couple of penguins by Liz- a simple painting that expresses so much!

Next blog we'll know more about Celina's gorgeous parrots! The eyes will tell it all - are they in love, or just friends!

And of course there were aquarellistas with their own projects:
Jane started with her wild cat - really hers (as far as a cat can be yours! It chose her one day and accepts her food) and really wild. You can already see all that character and history in this unfinished version!

Here's another lovelyl watercolour by Sheila! She is not afraid to try something new - and every time she surprises us with the result. This sweet little lighthouse is telling us a story and what I like best about the painting is the sky! Well done!

 Marijke tries out all Hangar sessions and here's what she achieved in watercolours! I am amazed at the warmth and transparency of this picture... Not that I want to push anything, but there's definitely potential there!!

 Liz finished the hand with brush, it could be on the statue of liberty, but for now it is our new header on the Aquarellista Facebook page!

And another Newspaper Painting by Cathie!! We witnessed the progress, amazingly fast considering this is almost completely painted with a '3-hair brush'. I am in awe. And we can look forward to at least one more to come

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