Monday, 5 March 2018

10 strong portraits of old men - in Watercolours

This fantastic portrait was painted in a couple of brush strokes on very rough 'Hollands Torchon' paper, by new Aquarellista Beatrice (I hope I am not mixing up the new names - please correct me asap if I've got it wrong!) I am in awe - and happy she has joined us!

Amazing what happened last time the Aquarellistas got together! Everyone picked an example they felt connected to, and experienced and newcomers alike painted awesome, strong portraits! Most are not finished and because I had to run to catch my flight I did not take the best pics of my career LOL.
But still! Look and admire!

 Christine's portrait, what a strength, both of his character and her style! Looking forward to seeing her next season.

Well done Michele C! Fantastic eyes and eyebrows...

This picture doesn't do justice to Carol's wonderful portrait in her typical soft and delicate expressive style. I hope to present the finished version in a better photo next time...

 Isabelle is another new talent, she doesn't have much experience with watercolours but definitely has a feel for it! Very very promising!

And yet another new Aquarellista, Marie-Claire! She wasn't too happy with her very first try, but I am! I hope she can hang on to this bold style because it is definitely interesting...

Sheila started a portrait of an older gentleman-actor, you may recognise him! Lovely and look forward to seeing the finished version...

Very strong, simple portrait. I love the style. Look at that nose, well done, Linda!

Sandra worked on other subjects and just before we finished she started a portrait. I am only posting it so you can later see the development which will no doubt be interesting!

And the last picture is painted by Liz - huge in size, intelligent in approach. And o so strong. Love it!

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