Monday, 19 March 2018

Movie Titles in Aquarelle

Amazing Watercolour results with the subject 'Movie Titles'! It was very inspiring for all - because movie titles are often visually strong, meant to have impact and make you think twice. And if you can't think of something yourself then there are always the affiches, or the actors, or specific scenes to use as image.
Elia took the title 'City Lights' and used it in her own special way, so expressive and with a beautiful mood. It is based on Chateauneuf (where the Hangar resides) by night by the way!

Michelle F. took her favourite movie 'Priscilla Queen of the desert' as starting point and loosely based her watercolour on the poster. It is already stunning, and with a stream of stars, sparkles, glitters and serpentines added next week it will be incredible!!

Glenn created her version of  'The Beach', concentrating on the reflection - and it worked!! Very delicate!

Agnès created a poster for 'Beauty and the Beast'. It is as always very original, very well done and I love the beast so much... For his expression, his fluffiness and his belly button...

Marie-Claire painted these bright red tulips, bent by a strong wind, inspired by 'Gone with the Wind'

And she was not alone in choosing that movie, Sheila also used it as inspiration. She painted Vivien Leigh in her role as Scarlett with a red boa and a great pout!!
Michele C. gave her own twist to the movie 'Modern Times'. Charlie Chaplin is not running from the gears, but from all kinds of computerized equipment!

Anna Karin experimented with last week's subject 'inspiration from Marie Françoise Ingels (see last week's blog). At the same time this could be a perfect poster for the 2013 movie 'White Cross'

Celina finished last week's exercise with a vengeance!! I love it, and it could also work really well for the Terry Pratchett movie 'the Colour of Magic'

Last week's inspiration (also see last week's blog) was so meant for Liz - who couldn't be there. So she used it this time, and combined her own style with M-F Ingels's, which included using some  tape cut in geometric shepes, and also adhesive gauze tape (DIY stuff that in french s called 'Calicot pour fissures')

 Michele C. also tweaked her painting of last week and in such a way that I want to show it once more!! Super, that sky!

Isabelle, who does not have a whole lot of experience with  watercolours, but an amazing good 'feel' for it, decided to work on one of the essential starters exercises. Doodling, then coloring (wait until a part is dry, avoid cauliflowers etc), then washing the whole lot off, dry it, and then add volume, by using shades and patterns. And look at this!!! Awesome!
 And last but not least, Liz' other M-F Ingels-inspired painting!

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