Monday, 26 March 2018

Vermeer's 'Girl with the pearl earring' watercolour version

Our latest session  was inspired by Johannes Vermeer's portrait of 'the girl with the pearl earring'. A portrait with a special atmosphere, the girl with an expression so delicate that we thought, we should give it a try in our favourite poetic medium!

Here's one fantastic version, what a great expression - and mystery! 
Elia at her best, I love it!

Michele C's amazing version, with several own inerpretations!
The scarf, and two pearls... Well done!

The three new aquarellistas bravely gave it a try and I am so proud of what they achieved!!

Marie-Claire was giving it her all until the very last minute. The drawing is good, the contrasts are good, the colours are well chosen - I see so much progress!

Glenn had to leave early and will put in the details and some more contrast next time - lots of potential for this little portrait

I think I already commented in a previous post that Sheila has an eye for aquarelle - and she's also good at eyes! Not yet finished, but already so much expression!

Sandra always has her own take on subjects - here is a pearl earring on someone you may recognise!

Other Subjects:
'Priscilla, Queen of the desert'
The week before we had a go with 'Movie Titles' and Michele F did her best work ever, but didn't finish it. That gave pressure, but look at the result! She Nailed It! Great work!!

Elia painted a watercolour of an old man (theme of 3 weeks ago when she couldn't be there). Looks great - but interestingly she used 'invisible masking' for the beard - and that is shining a bit more than the paper! Not so invisible then... We will do some research and post about it later!

By the way, there are a lot of Youtube-video's around of people who are painting the girl with the pearl earring- and I think we can compete!! Here are three links to vids of other people giving it a try:

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