Sunday, 15 April 2018

Portraits in Progress: 6 Sylvies and a gorgeous Bedouine man

 Carol's portrait of Sylvie Vartan - stunning! And the look in her eyes tells it all!

All of the Aquarellistas in our group love painting portraits. We grab every chance to do it, so when our two Sylvies returned and one of them had missed the 'Girl with pearl' sessions, we quickly thought of an alternative, which was: to paint a portrait of a 'Sylvie'... In this case: Vartan, Testud and Germain. The non-French may not know all of them - they are a singer (and former wife of Johnny Halliday), an actress and director and a philosophical author. 
All interesting women, even without that extra meaning...

Portrait in Progress by Elia. Sylvie Testud. It resembles her already - and with the shadows applied it will be even better!

Sylvie Germain - spot on portrait by Sylvie D. She did this very spontaneous, without any pencil!

More work in progress, another Sylvie Vartan - by Marie-Claire. This is the sketch-phase where the eyes get way too much attention, but that will be more balanced after the background and shadows are applied...

And the last Vartan by Sheila. She reconstructed the colours from a black and white photo! Well done!

As mentioned in the title, a gorgeous Bedouin man. I imagine he is a prince. I love him. Painted by Sandra

There was much more work done! I will post that in a seperate article, later...

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