Monday, 4 June 2018

Bella Italia - by the Aquarellistas

Scorcese by Brenda. Love the glasses and the expression!

La Dolce Vita by Agnès! Fantastic those quick drawings - proof that practice pays off

A young and very subtle Sophia Lorèn by Elia B.

To be tweaked but the resemblance is already spot on! Lino Ventura by Sylvie D.

Another subtle portrait, very watercolour: Claudia Cardinale - by Hélène

Venice, a memory of Isabelle. Lovely in atmosphere - to be finished next time!

Portofino, revisited by Liz - now still light & lots of masking, I'm so looking forward to seeing it finished!

Still life with shells by Bev, she is a magician with 3D effect - it looks so real

Broken glass heart - by Patience. So poetic and subtle and sad. There's a story behind it - which makes it a true work of art...

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