Monday, 26 November 2018

Aquarelle Chess

In last week's sessions (we also own the Thursday afternoon now 😊) the Aquarellistas used Chess pieces and boards as their inspiration... As always, the difference in everyone's styles makes it very interesting to look at the paintings.There are so many ideas, interpretations and perspectives - and everyone gives their best!
I am very proud of our group, and here's the work - for you to enjoy:
Celina's Knight, Tower and Bishop, on an unusual board. (The marble effect is achieved by sprinkling a bit of coarse salt on the wet paint) It is somehow very calming to look at and I am curious about how it will look when finished!

This still and determined set is painted by Anna-Karin and her big pointy brush. She also used salt and the effect (always a surprise) is awesome!

 Glen had to leave earlier so she must have worked hard on her chess board, it is almost finished! She will paint the background a soft blue so that the highlights are the only white and will come out a bit stronger.

This is the subtle start of a beautiful painting by Michele C.The white pieces in the background have blue masking fluid on them and that creates an interesting effect! When they are black it will be a different look -- but no doubt very good.

Liz is going for a huge stone chess game, not placed on a board but on pebbles. Still a lot of painstaking paintwork to do, but knowing Liz she will pull it off!

 Judith carefully constructed her chess pieces using masking fluid for the light parts. She came back on Thursday and finished it. Best she's done up to now! It has great volume, light and shadows on and below the pieces. Perspective improved and salt on the black for a marble effect. Well done!


 Helene's Queen - a monumental shiny chess piece. It is obvious that it is not finished - and I look forward to seeing the reflection of the black and white on it!

Jutta first finished one of her soap bubble paintings, but I want to show you the drawing, because of the exciting perspective. The colours will come next week!

News from the 'bubble' project:

  Both Jutta's soap bubbles now finished!

 Celina's soap bubbles - and where they come from - now completed. The girl is not the focal point - but she is so cute - and there's a story there...

 Judith's soap bubbles finished and I think we can say she nailed them!

No painted soap bubbles but marbles - and how! First exercise, well-done by Katherine

And here some inspiring 'other creations'.

 Isa works on the background (bluish)- foreground (reddish)-and-details-tree.

Inspired by the 'lonely houses', Carol started this lonely mill. It is not yet finished, but it already has so much character. As does the painting of the girl with her brothers - version2!

Sylvie M could make it last Thursday, we were happy to see her again! Her arm is still hurting but that doesn't keep her from making wonderful watercolours. How about this girl with the pearl earring!

  Maud a terminé son Bouddha. C'est une commission pour une salle d'attente et je suis sûr qu'il va jouer un rôle important pour réconforter et calmer les personnes qui attendent ...

Reminder: a Zen Watercolour session will also be organised every Thursday from 2 - 4.30, same subject, same structure...

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