Monday, 17 December 2018

Pine Cones in Aquarelle

 Michele C created these two 'Pommes de Pin' and I am so happy with her painting, it is so  transparent and strong at the same time !
The Aquarellistas (nowadays painting together on Tuesdays ànd Thursday afternoons) worked on a theme that is  representative for the time of the year, good for Christmas cards and also the perfect shape for a zentangle! We had pictures and real ones to choose from and actually everyone chose to just paint them beautifully! Enjoy these lovely watercolours, they are all created in around 2 hours!.

 This great looking set, has a great contrast. It is painted by Vanessa. Clearly a sunny day, you can see that in the shadow!

 Judith's pine cones have such a wonderful light. She used burnt sienna to create the warm and still neutral colour of the surface. Well done!!

 This wonderful set of three different cones was created by Michele F. I love the composition

Awesome standalone pine cone of Helene - painted using complementary colours, well done!

Brigitte was participating for the first time, she is a very good oil painter - and as you can see she instinctively knows how to use watercolours too! Excellent!

Same for Mona - experienced in Trompe l'oeils - very fine painting, she tackled the 'boules' and the 'pommes de  pin' in a short time with such a loose and spontaneous style. I can't wait for her next aquarelles!!

 And here are Diana's pine cones, they are so spatial!! The salt gives it just enough texture and the light does the rest. Lovely painting!

Many more paintings were started and finished, with other subjects. You can admire them in the next post or by clicking here

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