Monday, 30 March 2020

Weekly Aquarellista Challenge 2: Night Hawks

 Carol's Nigh Hawks are sitting in a diner called 'Quarantine Café'. The two clients are herself and her husband, celebrating his 60st birthday. You can read it on the blackboard! Congratulations to Richard - and well doneto Carol. Amazing atmosphere and they don't care that there's no one else around, love will pull them through!

The Challenge was 'create your own version of a famous painting' and I chose Edward Hoppers Night Hawks. It is wonderful to see that the versions are all so different, and all have a story to tell...

Pause of the IC night shift
A touching painting by Michele. She is so worried about her family who are all doctors and exposed while directly involved in battling the virus and saving lives. Her concern shows through this painting that is also a tribute to those who risk their lives to save others and especially her daughter who is there at the moment.

Vanessa's version is called 'The Hangar' and if you look carefully (click the picture to enlarge it) you can see that the clients are actually communicating. Like you do in the Hangar 😊

And my own version 'Adèles' with girl-only clients, wearing facemasks...

 Now I thought is was an original idea, but turns out the painting has lots of versions already. Carol sent me this one with Homer Simpson and then I couldn't help myself and googled it and found so many original others! I'll treat you to two, if you want to see more, just have a look on google, there are endless variations, some very funny!: 


In the meantime:

Randi created a 'corona-ed' version of 'the cry' as her version of a famous painting. With people keeping distance, and a lingering virus. Very good expression!

Carol finished her antique golden shoes... Fa-Bu-Lous!!!

Celina (in quarantine in Oslo, without good material) did a try-out with purple and yellow trees in a negative painting... and an elaborate version in pink. Amazing results especially given the fact that she has no good colours, paints, paper and brushes to work with, only her grand childrens' things...

Nothing can stop Celina so she also happily experimented with dandelions! Great idea for the near future...

 Cari is also working with us - and she clearly sees spring coming!!

...and Hélène is sketching and experimenting to fill a piece of very rough and irregular and absorbing hand made paper. I am putting this watercolour pencil-sketch in, because then we can later appreciate the final painting more...

O - and I forgot this one it is Cari's too! Lonely spring-garlic...

Monday, 23 March 2020

Purple Yellow watercolours during our Corona Lockdown

 An oldie by Jutta - her 'Alladin' painting, She used the complementary colours and it shows the gold very well!

Hopefully you read this in good health. And hopefully you are not too lonely or bored. I can proudly say that despite these times of Covid-19 isolation, the Aquarellistas are going strong... We still work together on one theme, only now via internet. Last week we used purple and yellow, for whatever subject. Two complementary colours that bring each other out. There were all kinds of different ways everybody used them. Here are some results, and more will follow in the coming weeks I'm sure...!

 Beautiful irises, with yellow and violet. Also by Jutta!

Fantastic work by Michele! She created a watercolour o a stunning dress to match the golden dancing shoes she painted last week...

 Anna Karin used the complementary colours for two completely different paintings, above an awesome sunrise, that yellow is so bright! and below a more intellectual approach. It is amazing how clear the distance between the 'stairs' is because of the use of purple. (And note that the mix gives a beautiful warm grey...

And last but not least I plucked this cute little yellow bike with a purple background from Randi's instagram account. Promising her blistering criticism - but I can't! It is just so lovely...

If you have your own version of a 'Purple and Yellow' painting, don't hesitate to send it to me! I will try to write something every week, about your works or about a related subject, like 'complementary colours'.
To be continued!

Monday, 16 March 2020

Antique golden shoes in aquarelle

This subject was perfect for Carol by the look of it! She added character end life to her golden dancing shoes

Our subject of last Tuesdays' session was a success - shame that so many weren't there (Corona virus related: when in doubt, don't come). But the paintings of the shoes are all so fabulous! Ocher, sepia and a bit of yellow creates very convincing gold and I am very proud of the Aquarellistas and their talents!

Michele carefully painted these gorgeous dancing shoes and decided to leave out the dark red fabric they were standing on, to give them more light and 'air'

Monica loved the shoes she was painting but didn't care for the colour, so she used the golden shine of another pair. Look at the result!! They are not yet quite finished but they are super!

Sylvie started with these ballet shoes and they are amazing! Ocher with a touch of perylene, together creating an original colour with a fabulous shine

Vanessa painted these golden dancing shoes. Clearly their owner has danced a lot on them - they are beautifully worn. Well done!

 Françoise is working on these very high heeled and uncomfortable golden brocade shoes.

In the mean time...More Mist

Jutta painted a beautiful misty landscape with river and duckies.

 Anna Karin painted a second version of the misty forest, with ox gall for the lighter trees. Note that 2 layers of ox gall are too much and give spots that don't accept paint...(enlarge picture to see the effect on the left)

 Monica perfected her painting of last is so high up and chilly and you can almost smell the pine trees. Great atmosphere - well done!

Catherine painted these almost abstract Japanese style flowers.

And this bolt with padlock on an old door was so very well painted by Marie-Jo. I think it is an interesting subject for all - we'll revisit that later...

Monday, 9 March 2020

Misty Watercolours

 Michele got her inspiration from a photo of Sylvie! It is Paris in the mist and she did a marvellous job with her interpretation.

The first aquarellista sessions in March on Tuesday and Thursday were dedicated to 'foggy' or 'misty' scenes. It was a subject that asked for playing with lots of water, and everyone enjoyed it big time!

 Françoise used a lot of water for this poetic and fairy tale-like landscape...

This amazing mysterious forest was painted by Anna Karin, using Ox Gall for the light colored trees in the background...

 Glenn created her own version of the exercise and made the perfect mist!

 Liz let herself be inspired by the theme of last week 'bridges' and combined it with mist. Then in the last couple of minutes (yes, seriously 😃) she created this subtle misty and atmospheric city scape...

Judithis in the middle of her research and development. She creates one after another interesting-looking wet-in-wet painting. We can't wait to see what this will lead to.

On Thursday we continued the try-outs with Ox Gall & Gum Arabic and combined that with the mist. We're getting a grip on what you can and can't do with the mediums, Our findings will be consolidated in a blog post someday soon!

Randi created three misty landscapes based on the example.She really got the hang of it as you can see here! 

Sue combined the use of both mediums with her paintings. In the paintinga above she used Ox Gall to attach the blue paint and make it darker. As you can see it worked - and also combined well with salt! And the result is wonderful.
In this painting Sue used gum Arabic to wash the background and make it lighter. Again a wonderful misty painting - and interesting effect! To be continued...

I created a combination of the misty background and the trees, using ox gall and it worked this time (I cleaned my palette from all medium stains beforehand and that worked!)

And in the meantime...
 Glenn created the perfect onion! I am delighted with it.

Anna Karin tweaked her wet rocks & pebbles with reflection and made it look even better!

Catherine painted the last part of het 'small works' composition. She keeps surprising me! 

And last but not least Sonya worked on a bridge. It was one of these days where painting neat grey bricks is the zen thing to do; Structure and calm, great stuff.

Monday, 2 March 2020

Watercolours using gum arabic and ox gall

A familiar sight, a cup with tea, that is accidentally used as paint water. 
Just to show that you are not alone 😛...

Last Aquarellista session was dedicated to the use of gum arabic and ox gall medium.We did a simple but good looking exercise, to see how to use gum Arabic as masking fluid and used ox gall to improve the strength and attachment of the paint. There are still a lot of challenges out there, but it was fun and a good start and the paintings have really worked out well!!

Sonya painted with watercolours only for the 3d time yet was brave enough to participate in this experiment. She covered 2 circles with gum Arabic, then added a background colour, washed away the circles and then filled the round white spaces with a melon and a tomato. I am impressed with the result. Look at the detail - amazing!

Like Sonia, Vanessa used gum Arabic to mask two circles. She filled them with an aubergine (seen from the back) and an onion. How fan-tas-tic is that onion!! Well done!

 Randi painted on Thursday, she used the gum Arabic to make circles and then added a fabulous, dark background. After she washed away the paint from the gum, she replaced the white spots with sunflowers. Who look at you 😳

 Michele did not finish her watercolour. It is quite ambitious with not two but fie objects... The tomato  and  baby pumpkin are already very good - and you'll see the rest next time! 

Sonia returned on Thursday to create another melon and look at that!! She totally nailed it, it is juicy and sweet and very real.

Breathtakingly beautiful, these two round objects. They were painted byMarie-Jo. With the help of ox gall for the smooth green flow in the apple and a little gum Arabic for the tiny white dots.

Anna Karin used the gum Arabic for the big stones and their reflection. She is still experimenting and the effect of the additives is not too evident; but I must say that (although I don't quite understand it) I totally love this painting, which proves that talent always wins!

Judith used both additives and achieved such a poetic beauty in the landscape above.
The painting below was created on a paper that was treated with gum Arabic - the lines are so much more defined and sharp

Very impressive and exiting sundown in the sea. A piece of modern art, painted with a base of gum Arabic and the clever brushstrokes of Sylvie D.

 Judith returned on Thursday and continued her search for the optimal deep and soulful expression in colours and shapes. It keeps getting better!

In the meantime...

Celina continued her research for painting 'negative spaces' . Typical working from white to darker, in many layers. The effect is awesome! She also worked on her bridge. It is almost finished, only needing a couple of explanatory tweaks!

And last but not least: