Monday, 20 May 2019

King Tut in watercolours - a preview

The Aquarellistas are working on a project, where we all pain the same subject and then enjoy the enormous differences... This is just a sneak preview, we will continue this in the coming weeks...


 Vanessa - with salt in the blue shades

 Liz with attractive yellow ochre basic wash

And Cathie's fabulous golden version

Looking SO forward to the other versions! You too? Then keep watching this space...

Monday, 13 May 2019

Looking into the light (in Aquarelle)

 Liz created this amazing and strong painting in a short time, only using a bit of masking fluid )for the white) with orange, indigo and a bit of yellow. 

 The subject we chose for last week's Watercolour session was not everybody's favourite, but the  results are absolutely awesome! I am so happy to see all of this!

 Judith started with applying a bit of masking fluid and then built up the background colours in three washes. When that was done she added the details in the hair and the face. The finished watercolour is stunning!!

 Fabulous painting by Hélène. No masking fluid, she just left the paper unpainted for the light of the sun
Bev created this symbolic painting, where the hand expresses that the weather is really good...

 In the 'other subjects', Jutta worked on a marvellous painting of her garden.She started with masking fluid around all leaves and flowers - and then chose to let the light (and the white) come from the left:

 And last but not least, the wonderful golden teapot by Liz, fantastic! 
 There are a lot of works in progress, that you can look forward to see next time, when they are finished!

Monday, 6 May 2019

'My Garden' in watercolours

Celina's lupines are as impressive as pine trees. I have decided it is probably because of the low horizon. Interesting! (and a lovely painting on top of that)

NB: To save a bit of space in this blog you will from now on only find photos of 'finished' paintings here. I will still take pictures of the stages of development and combine those, like Bev's shown here, to show the progress...
Three stages of Bev's painting led to a composition that looks better than the original inspiration!

The general theme of the last two watercolour sessions in the Hangar was 'My Garden' and many inspired paintings were created, and not yet finished because it was not easy! We worked with pictures as inspiration and you will see the other results in the coming weeks. But here are some - and a couple of  other subjects...
 Hélène picked one flower and finished a very 'light'-hearted job

Isabelle is back and she started her new participation with an abstraction of a Broom flower. Very well done!

Jutta's amazing Wisteria now finished and it is well-painted, mysterious and poetic at the same time.

 Judith is still experimenting. It is great to follow the different expressions, like these two versions  of 'a bunch of flowers'. Which one do you like best?

An impressionist butterfly that looks so natural! Brilliant Sylvie D!

Marie-Claire has finished her 'printemps' painting. It worked out so well!

This strong carribbean landscape is Maud's. She is not afraid of a bit of coulour!

and this zen tangle landscape was created by Glen. She used the felt pen to make the landscape effect stronger. Very good!!

 Sylvie has an exhibition, in the Place du Portail in Auribau. The paintings of beautiful women above and below may replace sold works!

And finally - Judith's wild lion, not only very popular with me but also much appreciated by her sons 😅

Monday, 29 April 2019

The colour violet in watercolours

Celina's amazing super-shiny purple pebbles

Very short comments this week, I have been setting up my installation in the gardens of the Musée de la Parfumerie and in the middle of that a storm came, so the rest of the time including this Monday I have spent tweaking and repairing... How's that for an excuse 😊. But the aquarellistas worked hard and smart on their purple watercolours and you deserve an overview! So here goes:
 Michele C., our correspondent in Bretagne is already installed and worked with us...

 Vanessa created this lovely butterfly. The funny thing is that it went from 'not bad' to 'so lovely' when she removed the tiny dots of masking fluid! After the butterfly Vanessa started a wild and loose and wet-in-wet landscape with wisteria...

More butterflies, in the unmistakeable style of Anna-Karin. And same for her wisteria, so good! We'll have to do without Anna-Karin who is going for a well-deserved summer in Sweden...

 Catherine is working on an abstract lightly based on lathyrus flowers. Impressive!

Q for Liz: the purple of this beautifu and well-shaped teapot came right from the tube - what was the name of the colour?

 Jutta finished her tulips. She covered the ones on the foreground and then very spontaneously painted the ones in the background. Great method!! and it worked!

Monica is also going away for the summer, but left a very good impression, both with her purple light and with her creative 'spheres' and other shapes! Well done and already looking forward to seeing you back next season!

 Judith is working and experimenting to discover her style. last Thursday she was going wild and crazy with this lion. I like it!

 Sylvie D. started a butterfly - it is already fluttering from the paper and  has a subtle character. The painting below is now finished and a wonderful symbol for 'love'...

 Bev is back and orks onw a purple anemone painting that looks better than the original it is based on!! How does she do it every time 😎!

Maud finished the hortensia and started an amazing purple sky...

The long thin Tulip by Hélène is now finished - and everything has worked out perfectly!

Marie-Claireneeds one more Thursday afternoon to finish this painting of a lovely lamb in a spring garden...

Friday, 26 April 2019

Spring inspired watercolours

Gorgeous tulips by Carol

Spring has come early this year, it is warm and sunny in the South of France! So the Aquarellistas let themselves be inspired and created these wonderful paintings of spring-related subjects...

Tulips -in progress- by Jutta. Also attractive without background!

Two quite different tulip fields, both by Judith who is experimenting & on her way to find her style

Hélène also chose a tulip to represent her 'Printemps'. Can't wait to see it with the background!

Carol is experimenting with a new, more spontaneous style. She has to get used to it herself, but we are already convinced!!
Marie-Claire started this funny picture and will finish it next week, with lots of sunlight and strong shadows

Amour maternel. I love love love this painting by Sylvie. It is so tender and subtle and yet so strong.

New Aquarellista Monica created her first watercolour - what a zest for life is in there! Promising don't you think?

Vanessa painted a simple, lighthearted flower arrangement. Very spring and I love the transparent qualities...

This simple and o-so springy landscape is painted by Glen. I love the sky and the wide view. It  definitely works!

This little golfer on fresh green shortcut grass also represents spring. And I love his shoes.

Apart from her simple & strong landscape, Glen also started with a Spring coloured Zen tangle! 
And Celina did the same - twice...:

Remote Aquarellista Michele F. created a seriously good version of the glass heart. Great work!

An amazing restful stillife carefully painted by Maud

And the exciting Louis Vuitton Suitcases by Cathie are in the finishing stages...