Monday, 29 July 2019

Pink Objects -in watercolours

This interesting Chinese(?) pink lamp was painted by Michele C. It is so shiny!!

After all that wet-in-wet paintng of the past weeks, we were going for the detailed work once more - that is, some of us, because a couple of others felt very ready for another round of splashing! Not too surprising as we have a heatwave at the moment...

These beautifl flamingos are painted by Jutta. it is almost finished if you ask me, it is so subtle, with just a suggestion of a background and the water. I love it! 

Catherine painted this fluffy old pink teddy bear with a sad face. Very expressive, well done!

An interesting way of painting shown here, by Chantal who combined wet-in-wet with dry technique to give this pink lady a glow!

As Vanessa (who created this fun watercolour) knows from my happy shrieks, I am delighted with her portrait of these pink trainers. She painted them from the still life with pink objects that I had set up

And another very sweet soft velvet teddy bear, by Marie-Claire. What a friendly little guy he is - and so chique with his bow tie

Amazing pink rose by Carol. Strong and sturdy but still sensitive. Well done!

Above and below, more wet-in-wet adventures and experiments

And of course there were other projects! Always great to see the original other ideas finished or getting shape...

Marie-Claire's escargot
Sylvie M.'s Tutanchamen-based quilt

And the amazing surrealist tea pots by Maud!

Monday, 22 July 2019

More Wet-in-wet: landscapes!

Last session we continued our experiment with 'wet-in-wet'. 
 We used this paiting by Jean-Claude Chaillou as our inspiration

We had fantastic fun, it was very interesting as well and we learned a lot while playing and splashing, using large amounts of paint on wet paper, sponges and water spray for light, flowing effect, credit cards (to remove superfluous paint) and business cards wrapped in kitchen paper (to remove paint in a defined way) and lots more. Initially everyone was in it for the fun, but actually, when the paintings dried up they started looking so good! Quite poetic and mysterious, with a touch of Bob Ross maybe! Here are some of the results, I'm sure you'll love them!

Monday, 15 July 2019

Wet (in wet) Strawberries in watercolours - a project

The latest watercolour session, we worked in the style of the famous french watercolourist Jean Claude Chaillou. He uses the wet-in-wet technique and Aquarellista Chantal has followed his workshops. She was telling us about it - and it was just the right moment for a bit of experimenting! We usually paint wet on dry style and only use wet-in-wet for backgrounds...
It was very good for our character to work differently, and not go for the result - but for the experience and doing something new. Everybody loved it although of course lot of things went wrong!. But still there were some interesting results.
We started with a strawberry, because there is a 19 minute demo-video of how Jean Claude paints that. You can check it out here. It is great to see him at work! Next week we will proceed with a wet-in-wet landscape...
I filmed my own demo too - and although it is of course a try-out by someone (me!) who is not very experienced in this technique, it is explanatory. And takes only 10 minutes 😁. Click here to see Marina's demo

And here are our Wet-in-Wet Strawberries - we hope you are not allergic!

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Other Water Works

 Sylvie M painted this impressive blue door, using wet-in-wet (with salt) on the dark blue wall

 Next to, during and instead of the wet-in-wet strawberry project, other watercolours were created!
Jutta painted her strawberry in the way we have always done it - with a modest wet-in-wet background. It looks great! She has now studied the subject and who knows for next time...

Celina used Chaillou's technique to paint these cacti. Also shows how much more cool colours like green and blue are in the background

Chantal worked on several strawberries and also continued with her abstract. Right now it is a great design for a scarf - with some shadows it will get depth and be a 3D molecule...

Marie-Claire continued with her escargot (after finishing a lovely strawberry that looked like a friendly fish). I think it needs a fresh green (wet-in-wet) background!

Maud has started with an interesting, surrealist painting of teapots in space. The background is very good - and the subject is just so interesting!.

Monday, 8 July 2019

Microscopic Abstracts and other spectacular stuff by the Aquarellistas

 Our 'remote' Aquarellista Michele C. is working with us from Bretagne - and she created this amazingly colourful dust-seen-through-the-microscope

Last Tuesday we used microscopic macro's as input for more or less abstract paintings. As you can see above and below, it inspired some of us and interesting as well as beautiful paintings were created!
 Jutta loosely painted these wnderful cells, with very transparent, aquarelle-style colours. It is not finished but I think it looks very good

Vanessa started with an impression of a very much enlarged bacteria. Not finished, but look how it already has depth and dimension! 

Chantal is a new Aquarellista in the group, but not new to painting - she even worked with watercolours in the past, but wet-in-wet technique (you'll hear more about that later in the month). She drew this bacteria-pattern with watercolour pencil and will next time use water to get the watercolour effect. Looking forward to seeing the final result!

These beautiful and transparent hands are Hélènes and she used a microscopic picture of feutal hands as her inspiration for the colours and the transparency. Touching.

Then there were of course the projects from the past couple of weeks to work on: Birds, King Tut and Pods!

For example this absolutely lovely and very expressive pink parrot-couple, work in progress by Cathie...

 ...and also in progress a single (but not for long! he comes with a present 😚) pink parrot by Bev.

Sylvie used the 'Roi Tutanchamon' inspiration to create a mosaic (or quilt) with all kinds of associations. Fab colours and great idea.

'Sac de fèves' (bag of beans ) by Michèle C. How fresh they look!

Hélènes pods now finished to perfection - so soft in the fading, still warm sunlight...

And then of course a couple of non-related but very interesting and certainly beautiful other subjects!

How about Carol's breathtaking siphon! So fab looking - and she's now started a new one, which will be pink

 'les trois mecs' or the three Genies in a cloud of colourful smoke, with their lamps hanging in front. A try out by Maud in watercolour pencil!

 Jutta finished her garlic painting with a beautiful background with random (or carefully positioned) colour splashes. Great composition and depth!
And here's Chantal's version of the spheres exercise. Always fun to do as well as to look at!

Brenda's last painting of the wind-battered wise trees on the Isle of Man will be stylized and is meant for herself. It is of course unfinished, but I love to see this kind of inspiration. 

And last but not least, Bev's sunny entrance all done! Good stuff yet again...

Monday, 1 July 2019

Pods,Birds and other pix in Watercolours

 Jutta painted these amazing, colourful pods.

For 2 weeks we've been working on 'pods', a very interesting subject that I personally love a lot. Most Aquarellistas chose poppy seed pods:
 Very sunny ones by Judith

 Pods in progress by Helene
 Poppy seed pods by Liz - in her typical wonderfully robust style
 Vanessa chose Coffee pods -- young and yellow

 Jutta finished her snails and added a couple of gorgeous dew drops!
Sylvie started a new version of her cute 'escargot'. This one is going to be superbe!!

 Jutta's hummingbirds now finished...

Parrot in full flight - with an awesome background, by Judith - and below her bar code zebra, in graphical style. Very good!!

 And look at Carol's work on bottles... Above the old ink bottle with a splendid transparency, and below a beautiful and pale blue glass siphon
 Maud experimented with watercoour pencils and gradually discovered their best use!