Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Zentangle - Aquarelle version

 Michele C

Most of you are doing it, or have done it: 'doodle'! While you are on the phone, in a meeting, having a lecture - you make simple little drawings. A very 'right half of the brain' thing, very personal and often looking surprisingly good. That doodling now has a name and a lot of official websites, classes, youtube channels and blogs!! It's called 'Zentangle': Creating beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. 
The Aquarellistas gave it their own swing: we start on a base of colour. As you can see we love doing it - and we love the results, they are so original!  It is a good thing to do when you are fed up with copying from photo's or other paintings, but don't exactly know what to do instead....

NB: if you want so see the lines and patterns in their full glory - click on the picture to make it bigger!

 Vanessa created 3 Christmas cards, the first a delightful one with zentangle baubles

Judith finished her fantastic version. It is inspiring to look at it -you keep discovering new stuff!

Katherine did an absolutely awesome job on her first zentangle set! Not finished yet, more later!

This amazing work is done by Ilse- in the real zentangle, the green is darker and more varied, but it works even without that...

Celina's zentangle feather is so delicate and dreamy... Could be a successful series...

Marie-Claire has filled her Zentangle in a much more open way. Very original, it is as if the objects float. Next one with an even thinner fineliner!

Diana's wonderful Zentangle with such interesting patterns... love it.

Monday, 3 December 2018

From Chess to Chat - A wide range of subjects in Watercolours

 Jutta's fabulous chessboard, I absolutely love the 'loose' style!

The Aquarelistas are more and more productive - especially now that we also have a session on Thursday! And a post with too many paintings won't get the attention it deserves, that's why I seperately show you the overview of what was done next to the Zentangles in today's other post 😃. Starting with the chess boards and pieces, ending with Maud's Chat - and everything in between
The finished board by Michele C. It is astonishing! I am so happy with what she has achieved in such a small period of time!

 Liz's large stone Chess painting is getting sturdier and the composition has fallen into place...

 Anna Karin has added the board underneath. It gives her painting such depth
Sylvie D. was away for a couple of weeks. Once back she finished her soap bubble-inspired painting. I think it is seriously awesome

Isabel D. worked on the forground-background exercise and finished with zentangle in the tree.The result is really great!!

Carol tweaked her already-gorgeous lonely wind mill on the water front. It is now perfect! We all love it to bits

The gorl with the blue scarf by Marie-Claire.Very beautiful, in colour as well as shape! Well done...

Sylvie let herself be inspired by Modigliani for this fabulous nude.


Maud a mis le dessin sur son papier, en couleurs Si vous regardez à travers vos cils, vous pourrez distinguer un chat blanc dans une poussette rose et des nombreux jouets: un commande!

As you can understand I am so proud of our group - both by the quality of the painting and the hard work... Especially impressive if you know that we are also working on Christmas Cards... In a next week's post I'll present some of those!

Monday, 26 November 2018

Aquarelle Chess

In last week's sessions (we also own the Thursday afternoon now 😊) the Aquarellistas used Chess pieces and boards as their inspiration... As always, the difference in everyone's styles makes it very interesting to look at the paintings.There are so many ideas, interpretations and perspectives - and everyone gives their best!
I am very proud of our group, and here's the work - for you to enjoy:
Celina's Knight, Tower and Bishop, on an unusual board. (The marble effect is achieved by sprinkling a bit of coarse salt on the wet paint) It is somehow very calming to look at and I am curious about how it will look when finished!

This still and determined set is painted by Anna-Karin and her big pointy brush. She also used salt and the effect (always a surprise) is awesome!

 Glen had to leave earlier so she must have worked hard on her chess board, it is almost finished! She will paint the background a soft blue so that the highlights are the only white and will come out a bit stronger.

This is the subtle start of a beautiful painting by Michele C.The white pieces in the background have blue masking fluid on them and that creates an interesting effect! When they are black it will be a different look -- but no doubt very good.

Liz is going for a huge stone chess game, not placed on a board but on pebbles. Still a lot of painstaking paintwork to do, but knowing Liz she will pull it off!

 Judith carefully constructed her chess pieces using masking fluid for the light parts. She came back on Thursday and finished it. Best she's done up to now! It has great volume, light and shadows on and below the pieces. Perspective improved and salt on the black for a marble effect. Well done!


 Helene's Queen - a monumental shiny chess piece. It is obvious that it is not finished - and I look forward to seeing the reflection of the black and white on it!

Jutta first finished one of her soap bubble paintings, but I want to show you the drawing, because of the exciting perspective. The colours will come next week!

News from the 'bubble' project:

  Both Jutta's soap bubbles now finished!

 Celina's soap bubbles - and where they come from - now completed. The girl is not the focal point - but she is so cute - and there's a story there...

 Judith's soap bubbles finished and I think we can say she nailed them!

No painted soap bubbles but marbles - and how! First exercise, well-done by Katherine

And here some inspiring 'other creations'.

 Isa works on the background (bluish)- foreground (reddish)-and-details-tree.

Inspired by the 'lonely houses', Carol started this lonely mill. It is not yet finished, but it already has so much character. As does the painting of the girl with her brothers - version2!

Sylvie M could make it last Thursday, we were happy to see her again! Her arm is still hurting but that doesn't keep her from making wonderful watercolours. How about this girl with the pearl earring!

  Maud a terminé son Bouddha. C'est une commission pour une salle d'attente et je suis sûr qu'il va jouer un rôle important pour réconforter et calmer les personnes qui attendent ...

Reminder: a Zen Watercolour session will also be organised every Thursday from 2 - 4.30, same subject, same structure...

Friday, 23 November 2018

The River Lovers in watercolours

Last summer, the Aquarellista group visited an exhibition in la Colle sur Loup of artist and Hangar member Jo Painter. She paints in oils, and on canvases that are quite large - very different from what we do - but we loved the craftsmanship and the warmth of the colours, the texture and brushstrokes of the oil. One of our favourites was the awesome painting 'River Lovers'.

While admiring it, Michele F wondered if it would be possible to paint something like this in watercolours. And I bravely said - Yes of course!

Then it was summer holiday, then I forgot it for a while, and then - we set to work. It is time consuming and not so very inspiring to create full copies of an existing painting, so we decided to do it the way we have more often made paintings together: we all paint a part, and then connect the parts. It was not at all easy, but we did it! I have to make a special mention of Brenda. She painted many parts, and kept the project going with her determination and enthusiasm...


Brenda, Carol, Hélène, Brenda, Marie-Claire, Michele F, Brenda, Brenda and yours truly together created a painting, in 12 pieces, on paper, flat, and transparent - that still comes close to the original:

Thank you very much Jo for working with us on this, it was a fun and informative project!

Monday, 19 November 2018

Soap Bubbles in watercolours

The lightest, airiest soap bubbles by - Ilse

A big group of Aquarellistas got together in the Hangar last week, to paint 'soap bubbles! It is a truly difficult subject - we painted from photos because the still life doesn't last long enough for us 😜. The results are surprisingly good and we learned so much from it! The great thing about working from photo's, is that you start recognizing the basic 'rules' so with a bit of practice we will be able to do this more spontaneous. But here are some stunning examples to start with!

Liz's truly soapy foamy bubbles

Very strong light in this impressionist bubble work by Michele C

 Interesting bubble with refelcting highlight from Hélène 

 And another set of bubbles by Ilse

 Judith finished her broken plate and just started with these bubbles. You can already imagine how good they will look with highlights and a slightly darker background!

Luckily I already told Sylvie D. that exceptionally, the photo somehow doesn't show how good the painting is! The real thing shines and shimmers and has a beautiful mystery... more next time!

Diana painted this amazing set of bubbles! People were asking, is this a watercolour? YES it is. With lots of Payne's grey and Indigo... Diana then started a next one, with a more transparent approach. Needs some highlights here and there and then it will be very convincing as well!

This O-so transparent soap-bubble painting by Jutta was the inspiration for Di and she
is right, this painting will be awesome when it is finished!

If Celina pulls this one off it will be legendary!!! I look so forward to the next step & finished painting! Love the little girl - somehow reminds me of aquarellista Bibi.

As always there was other artwork produced next to the 'sujet du jour'! Last week's lonely buildings were finished:

 Glen's 'birds view' on a Tuscan lonely farmhouse - great stuff!

Hélène let the sunshine in! Lots of stories imaginable here too...

And last but not least, Jutta's lonely little building - it is so cute!!

 Remote aquarellista Sandra has made real progress with her tangle of leaves, painted on heavy, paint-absorbing handmade paper. Exciting developments - I wonder what this will look like when it is finished!

 Liz also tweaked her silver beads - and they are ready to be picked up! (Maybe as a logo for a jewelry maker?)

The broken plate - now finished. Judith did a good job on the contrast, and I see a story here as well, because brokenn as it is, it looks so complete...
Maud a fait un travail formidable sur cette photo de vieille Grasse. Note qu'elle a utilisé du gesso pour lui donner plus de texture, aspect un peu 'antique' reussi!

And last but not least, Marie-Claire put her own beautiful cat in the misty flowy background. It will be refined and detailed next time - but it already looks like a good start!