Monday, 21 January 2019

Dahlias in Aquarelle

 Catherine has not been for a while (5 years?😝) - but as you can see she still has what it takes.
Not yet finished - but already exciting, her wavy pink dahlia!

As a first subject after the holidays, the Aquarellistas worked on Dahlias. A strong,colourful flower with a shape that is recognisable, yet varies from an almost mathematical regularity to a spontaneous, waving lightness. We had so much choice - everyone picked the dahlia that appealed most - and the interpretations and results are awesome! Here are my remarks - we had no time to do them 'live' as there was a board meeting right after our session...

 This amazing watercolour was created by Michele C. I am impressed - it is both technical and poetic. Looking forward to seeing it finished!

 Another really good representation, by Isabel! She was so good at the Zen tangle stuff that I completely forgot she is still in the starters program - and she did it again! Big Hurray!

Again a completely different style, this one is painted by Liz. Loosely and spontaneous as always, I love it! Not finished, there is still a bit of masking fluid on it but can't go wrong if you ask me!

So gorgeous, Judith's purplish dahlia... A cross between the zen-tangle regular ones and the super spontaneous. Amazing effect of the granulating ultramarine that 'pushes away' the crimson leaving a beautiful red line... She was having fun here and even more with the second, just playing with colours and the natral flow and mix of aquarelle:

Michele F painted a wild Dahlia - that needs a darker background to show it better. Below a simple photo montage to show what it would look like. Just a little change, so much effect

Helene finished her yellow Dahlia and she balanced the brownish orange and the green, the light and the shadow, into a perfect, delicate flower with a lot of volume. I love it. Well done!

Jutta's dahlia not yet finished - yet very promising. She used a spontaneous wet-in-wet technique, combined with a more defined shape here and there. Can't wait to see it finished!

This lovely light pink dahlia was drawn so very well by Marie-Claire and the first wash worked out too. Looking very lovely already. Now the challenge to insert the darker pink shapes and maybe a background. I am confident that it will be stunning when finished...

And this last stunning creation is from Sylvie (who else?!). Still needs some work, but not too much. Great idea to do a detail! Love it!

 Of course 'my' subjects are only suggestions, Aquarellistas who want to paint their own subjects are also very welcome - and most of the time they are very inspiring! Here are some of the other creations of our two sessions (Tuesday and Thursdau 2 -- 4.30pm)

Glen fully particiated in the flower thing but dahlias are not her cup of tea/piece of cake, so she decided on daffodils. How Springy and lively they are, well done!

Sandra also created 'other flowers', namely tulips - and it is such a fantastic start, generous and strong and daring colour-wise. Same for the painting below (click on it to see the details) full of the depth and watercolour surprises that you don't see in any other medium...

Maud worked on a distinguished building in Grasse. With a lot of windows, not easy at all in a loose style, but she bravely did it anyway and it is beginning to look good!

Not even finished, but everybody drooled over this sweet dog, with a lot of expression and character.that Cathie is working on. Awesome eyes and love that fur, done in such a delicate way (with the three-hair brush)

 I laugh every time I see Carol's dog-painting. He looks like how I imagine Marmaduke. The background has a colour (green) but that doesn't come out very well on the photo. The duck below, also by Carol, is a strong little guy! Love the picture, love the way he balances his feet - and it definitely tells a story.

Hélène's abstract is a little bit less abstract but even more colourful. If you want to know what it is, read on - or else skip it and let your imagination work...
It is a rope in the water -- with high waves and sunshine, reflection and foam

And last but by no means least, these gorgeous and sexy red ballet shoes by Sylvie M. I love the satin glow and want to see more of that next week - plus maybe a bit of reflection!

Monday, 14 January 2019

December 2018 - Aquarelles

 Celina worked on christmas cards with zentangle-inspired patterns. She finished the tree...

 ...and started some lovely Xmas baubles. I hope to present you the finished ones next post - they are wonderful even when it isn't that time of the year!

In the last watercolour session of 2018 in the Hangar, some excellent work was created - and started. By a small group of utterly motivated watercolour artists.

 Hélène works on a painting that is inspired on a very colourful photo a family member (I think it was her son) took. This is the first layer in blue, with masking fluid, and it is so abstract and interesting! It will change completely - I'll show you more next time...

Katherine worked on the fireworks, with bright basic colours, then masking fluid and then a dark colour. I love the effect!

Same recipe for Jutta, what a festive and wonderful new years' card!

Judith created this absolutely amazing lovely painting using masking fluid and shades of ochre and umber.

Maud started an impressive moon over the sea. She painted the reflection in gold, which unfortunately shows yellow in the picture.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

In the spotlights: Aquarellista Edith Alborni

The Aquarellistas of the Hangar regularly ask about our friend Edith (or Elia B.), the talented French painter who had to stop coming to our sessions because of her health... Here is some news about her:

Edith still paints a little bit at home (as you can see above and below)...
She needs daily treatment for her "frozen shoulder" and begins to loose her balance more and more - but she keeps the spirit. Unfortunately she does not have enough strength to participate in our coming exhibition, but she hopes it will return.
She tries to live in the present moment, reads a lot which makes her travel...

Edith follows us through the weekly and the blog and she will not forget us!.

Below are a  couple of her watercolours, also for the Aquarellistas who have not met her!
 A cute little owl - with silver specks achieved by the glitter liner:

Edith has always been very good at expessive portraits, here are some examples

We wish you a very good 2019 Edith,, with break-through medical developments, lots of inspiration and new strength to create! Keep us posted!

If you want to see more of Edith's work, visit her Facebook Page

Monday, 17 December 2018

Chess, Crystals, Christmas Cards, a Clock and Canines - in Watercolours

Anna-Karin finished her chess pieces. She bravely added a transparent (Schmincke) orange to the background and darkened the black fields. The finished picture has a warm and classic atmosphere yet has not lost its spontaneity

Liz finished her second chess board, again a slightly estranged one with it's folded corner... is the opponent unhappy? Or is it just a very good idea of a paper chess board (light and easily transportable).

In the previous post (below this one) you can read about all the watercolours we created with pine cones as subject. But of course there were also Aquarellistas who worked on other beautiful and interesting subjects:

 Isabel for instance, who finished her tree as one of the first! she loved the exercise that she cleverly combined with zentangle patterns, and the exercise loved her right back as you can see 😊
After her excellent pine cones Judith had time left to do a portion of her moomin' Zentangle

Marie-Claire's creativity also grew using the Zentangle technique! Look at these soft delicately moving plant-like shapes...

And after finishing the tree, Isabel started a Christmas card, again in Zentangle style!

Michele C. finished her snowflake - it is SO good in every way, well painted, spontaneous, mysterious and a fantastic sparkle!

And here is another awesome icy work, Sylvie D. painted it. It is quite abstract but it tells me a deep story about being little in the winter and looking through the frozen windows

And how about the gorgeous New Years card by Marie-Claire - also snowflake-themed. She used candle wax, salt and white felt pen and it turned out so well!
  Violet finished her beautiful still life with pumpkins. It is a present for a family member - who will be delighted no doubt, because it is terrific! The little cute penguin toddler below is also Violet's...

 Jutta continued with her cards for friends and family. They will love them no doubt. here you see 4 out of an impressive stack, full of experiments of which she learns a lot. Sounds like clear win-win!

Work in progress: These 4 original cards, designed by Anna-Karin.Mars Black over colours gives depth and feels as if you look through something...

Maud travaille sur un tableau d'une horloge ancienne. Elle a travaillé si dur et au début, la peinture semblait vouée à l'échec - mais maintenant, elle est si belle et je suis très fière de ce qu'elle fait!t!

 Carol finished her awesome group of Norfolk Seals. They are so gorgeous, slowly enjoying themselves on the sand... And se started another animal - a funny -and lovely looking- dog. What a character!