Monday, 19 February 2018

TWO (2)'s in Aquarelle

Last Tuesday was (lightly) marked by Valentine's Day, with our subject '2' (two)... Have a look, it is  interesting to see how different every single Aquarellista took the subject!!

Two swans, in very atmospheric colours by Anna-Karin. She did a wonderful job on the reflection, and the exciting distance between the beaks! Impressive... 

 Here's a shiny twosome! Very different and still so connected, it looks as if they are dancing! This small watercolour by Linda makes me smile.

The new girl in town, Christine, let herself be inspired by the '2' and created an imaginary air-photo. Very original take and  interesting abstraction!

Another superb duo, by Agnès, there's certainly love in the air - read more about this in the Hobbysketcher blog!

Elia B painted this barefoot couple on the beach, with beautiful reflection. At first sight very romantic, but at second glance: they are clearly in deep discussion, and is it me or is stormy out there?

Lovely couple of penguins by Liz- a simple painting that expresses so much!

Next blog we'll know more about Celina's gorgeous parrots! The eyes will tell it all - are they in love, or just friends!

And of course there were aquarellistas with their own projects:
Jane started with her wild cat - really hers (as far as a cat can be yours! It chose her one day and accepts her food) and really wild. You can already see all that character and history in this unfinished version!

Here's another lovelyl watercolour by Sheila! She is not afraid to try something new - and every time she surprises us with the result. This sweet little lighthouse is telling us a story and what I like best about the painting is the sky! Well done!

 Marijke tries out all Hangar sessions and here's what she achieved in watercolours! I am amazed at the warmth and transparency of this picture... Not that I want to push anything, but there's definitely potential there!!

 Liz finished the hand with brush, it could be on the statue of liberty, but for now it is our new header on the Aquarellista Facebook page!

And another Newspaper Painting by Cathie!! We witnessed the progress, amazingly fast considering this is almost completely painted with a '3-hair brush'. I am in awe. And we can look forward to at least one more to come

Monday, 12 February 2018

'Hands' in Watercolours

 Amazing -monochrome- hands by Elia B.So strong, well done!

 Anna Karin painted her own hands three times in this original expression of peace...

 Still unfinished but already so lovely, this big and tiny hand... By Brigitte

 Beautiful hands, very zen painting. By Michele C

Colourful hand holding big brush. In Liz' powerful brushstrokes.Could be the new Aquarellista logo!
 Michele C finished the lace curtain painting at home and can I say, absolutely nailed it. SO serene, and completely believable, everything in this picture works and the transparency is amazing. Big compliment!

And here's the filigree pendant  by Liz, now finished. I love it very much, it is impossible to see on this tiny picture, but the original is quite large and there is a lot of detail...
 Cathie is working on an original subject, that only she is able to paint with such tenderness: a stack of newspapers.I am a fan - every single Aquarellista in our group absolutely adores this painting and I am sure you do too!

Celina and Liz also worked on the 'War' and 'Peace' themed wooden blocks.

We have quite a collection already - but there are still a lot of white blocks available! Nothing against painting two if you have inspiration...!

Monday, 5 February 2018

Celtic, Viking and other filigree watercolours

The Aquarallistas got together on their 'Zen Tuesday' and great things were achieved in a small group, where some developed the 'filigree' theme a bit further and others worked for themselves

The 'celtic heart' painted by Linda - the metal has really worked out!

Still my favourite, this filigree dog by Michele C. She has understood what watercolours are about and makes one awesome painting after the other! Ready for the next step...

Michele F has worked on her view on the wild Antibes' waters. I know that spot - looks exactly like this! Btw, I'd love to see a sunny version too. 

Michele F also started a filigree project - and look what it is already! Very imaginative - go on and fill that page, it will be seriously good & original!

Cathie always paints her own subjects and happened to have this perfume bottle - to show us all what watercolour filigree can look like!! 
Linda is working on a series of portraits and although this is pencil, I have to show it because it is truly well done. My opinion: ready to do this in watercolours...

In her 3d watercolour session, Sheila finished the old family farm house with lovely straw roof. Well done - and you can feel the memories...

Celina is back and she painted this Viking (openwork) pendant. As always very well executed. 
By the way, Celina hosts an atelier libre every Friday, where she and Tracy make ceramic jewelry. If you are interested, pop in! Contact Celina for more info...

Another amazing painting by Michele C. As I said before, she understands watercolours so well. So quiet, so delicate and so transparent... Not completely finished yet, hope to show you the final version next time!

After the inspiring tea cup with 'doily' of last week, Liz spent time on the wooden blocks project (no pic, sorry, forgot!) and started this ab-fab pendant. (It is funny to see Liz' surprised look every time we drool over her paintings... looks like she'd better get used to it!!)

Monday, 29 January 2018

Filigree (Open Work - Ajouré) - a good subject for Watercolours

 Michele C's awesome fantasy animal. I am seriously impressed by it and can't wait to see the finished painting!

Last session we decided on a subject that everyone understood, but no one knows the official word for it. My dictionary said 'Open work' but that doesn't really ring a bell for the Anglophones. Filigree would best describe it, and "ajouré" in French. Anyway, Sandra, Cathie, Michele and Linda started a 'Filigree' painting and Liz finished hers...

 Linda worked on a Celtic-inspired pattern. She really nailed the metal, and in the next stage it will get it's 'open' effect...

 Liz' kitschy Cup - so perfect in every aspect, with filigree doilie - beautiful example and possibly the inspiration for the subject!

There were more kitsch paintings that had to be finished:

 Elia B.'s little boy with tear, now perfected, the tear is just that little bit extra to make it fit the 'kitsch' bill!

Sheila's little boy now also finished: The light is great, both on his hair and his right cheek - but also these sad sad eyes. And let me mention it for the last time, this is her second watercolour class ever... Amazing!

A hyper kitschy small sculpture, perfectly painted by Michele C., who also discovered that the sculpture is actually a piggy bank (or tirelire as we call it in France) with the slot in the green part...

And last but not least there was the free work:
Jane painted this balanced, peaceful watercolour of two beautiful cats.
Carol started a painting of her sons. Of course she has just started, but it is already so expressive and strong! Love it!

 Sheila's new project - looking very promising!!

 Awesome painting by Elia, expressive and still. Very well done with the dark colours!

And last but not least, there was work again on the blocks!
 Liz's 'War' and Anna-Karin's 'Peace' and 'War', great additions to what we already have... Note that this is watercolours on wood (treated with Watercolour Gesso)

Monday, 22 January 2018

Kitsch Watercolours

 Last Tuesday we indulged in an Aquarellista Kitsch Afternoon. As you can see below, it is not that easy to paint! We struggled with the fine line between art and kitsch. What is 'Kitsch' exactly?
The Oxford dictionary says:
"Art, objects, or design considered to be in poor taste because of excessive garishness or sentimentality, but sometimes appreciated in an ironic or knowing way." and the Larousse: "Se dit d'un objet, d'un décor, d'une œuvre d'art dont le mauvais goût, voire la franche vulgarité, voulus ou non, réjouissent les uns, dégoûtent les autres". Well -honestly, it may be 'too sentimental', but I love to indulge in a good bit of kitsch from time to time. The worse - the better 😝... and all of the below made me very happy! Here's what everyone did:

 Liz painted this excellent fantastic shiny teacup! With lots of golden glaze and curls, and that crocheted doily 😅...

  The little boy with a tear. The subject that immediately comes to mind when you think of 'kitsch'. Not completely finished - but very well started - by Elia B.!

Same subject for Sheila - completely different style! Unbelievable that Sheila has no prior experience with watercolours, I am impressed with the lights and shadows - and the sentimental quality obviously!
This painting by Michele is just funny right now - but it will be seriously over the top when she has put in all the different colours, the shine and the glitter. Can't wait! More next time...

These fish are so elegantly painted in Celina style that they actually get away with their shiny cheeks and red lips. They may  need eyelashes - but even that may not achieve the absolute kitsch label. We'll see!  Note by the way  that this actually is a hidden compliment for Celina's integrity...

No kitsch for Sylvie today. She  is back after a long time in which she hasn't had time for much painting - but Look At This!! I am so enthusiastic! It is Awesome! And so free. Very well done and delighted that you are back!

Sandra proceeded with her David Bowie portrait in her 'essence of' series, and finished it. Impressive portrait that definitely captures the essence of him. Click on the picture to see the details!

Michele C Finished her Flamingo with Flair! The colours, the volume, the proportion, it all works. And I also really like the composition! Well done!

Cathie continued with her blue velvet party bag - it has more sparkly gems now. I am in awe, can that girl paint! One more tweak needed on the spot where a drop of water damaged a bit!

And we continued with the blocks for the 'War and Peace' wall in Valbonne... 6 varnished watercolours with our interpretations finished!