Monday, 18 March 2019

Masks - painted with Watercolours

"The painting that dissappeared from the blog"
It sometimes happens, and always to the best: a picture of a watercolour accidentally gets deleted or is not copied into the blog. Last week it happened to the one below, I can't believe it because I was so happy with it. Heartfelt apologies from Marina to Jutta - and luckily the painting fits well in this blogpost's theme, 'Masks'
'Wrapped' by Jutta
The 'Subject du jour' was Masks. This has to do with the Carnival period we are in - and with our upcoming Watercolour Exhibition 'Seen through Aquarellista Eyes' from 2 - 14 April... Most of us have painted eyes, some of us have even painted 2 eyes - and often in a wink, on different pieces of paper. So a mask would tie the eyes together, and we are experimenting as we speak, with all kinds of masks and glasses and other creative solutions:

Celina measured, painted a mask, cut out holes - and look how wonderful the result is!
Then there is the Pirate wink
Deux solutions de Hélène

And it is also possible to cut out a mask. It looks great... Not easy though!
These 'lunettes' are much simpler to create 😎
Now for some serous paintings . They are all #WIP: 'Work in Progress' and I will show the next and finished stages in the coming week! Look and admire:

 Isabel has started with a real mask as her example - and is doing an impressive job, considering she recently started! It is a matter of perseverance (and a bit of shadow for the volume)

 Apart from the excellent watercolour of a wrapped head on top of this post, Jutta also started a beautiful composition with masks

 One word - Awesome! So well done Catherine

And another fabulous mask by Hélène - with a strong light that makes it shine like gold

 Ilse  creates a lovely antique mask, partly rich in detail, partly white (but not as white as the background). Well done on the soft shadows, I can't wait to see it finished!

 Catherine brought 3 awesome masks from her theatre past and Liz painted one of them, with the feathers.

 Judith - this is going to be such a wonderful mask! and then with eyes behind it...
More next week - or during our expo

 Vanessa is UK-based at the moment but happened to paint a mask there! Great Stuff!

Apart from the masks, other amazing work was produced! It is presented below:
Another remote aquarellista is Bibbi! She sends us watercolours  from Sweden from time to time, like this one. An old watercolour, that she 'did up' by adding a bird - and it is a whole new painting...

 Leonie's delicate ballet shoes - will be finished next time

 Anna-Karin's beautiful Blossom - as a set with the snow drips of last week...

 Cathie's fabulous strong stone horse.

Maud's lovely Geisha. Well done!

 These Poppies in the sun are so well painted by Catherine, as is this bird...

 Sylvie with a next painting in her 'Jugendstil-hippy-mix' series

Monday, 11 March 2019

INDIGO in Aquarelle

 Sylvie D.

Indigo - one of our favourite colours! I am keeping this post short, without comments, apart from the names of the artists. It is because of Expo-business - more about that soon - and I know you won't mind! So, above and below are the results of a really good theme for this crowd, as you may notice in their indigo-inspired aquarelles :

 Michele C.




and more Judith




 Isabelle A.




Monday, 4 March 2019

Wrapped in Watercolours *

* The Aquarellistas are preparing a big exhibition (in April) and there are not enough hours in a day to do extensive blogging about new work on top of that! In the coming weeks there will be posts, but less and shorter than you are used to...

 #WIP (work in progress) by Hélène. Wrapped jars and pots. Can't wait to see them finished!

Two awesome abstract try outs by Isabelle A, inspired by 'wrapped' and fabric in general
The #WIP of Michele C - a lot of painting to do still but it will be very attractive when finished no doubt!
 Jutta works on a face, gently wrapped in delicate old-rose silk.
 Michele F created this statement, very modern-art-y and a good exercise for wrinkles and folds
Marie-Françoise started this soft and tender painting of a face wrapped in fabric - the eyes will be visible. Next week.


 Michele C made her orange coral even more stunning, with an amazing background.

Jutta's challenge was to 'get the colours right' in which she succeeded, and on top of that she created a beautiful painting.
 Marie-Claire almost finished her coral - it will have a darker background, which will help visualize the perspective and it is truly admirable how she tackled this subject & persevered!


 Curl of Cups, another amazing painting by Cathie, click to enjoy all that detail!

 Lindsey's volume exercise now completed. Well done & looking great! She wanted to discover how to work with watercolours, I think she's got it already 😉

The green man by Celina, shiny and with a big sense of humour!

Gorgeous jellyfish-inspired shapes by Sandra. Impressive work!

 Maud finished not 1 but 2 paintings, both commissions, one a Greek streetview and the other a golden pendulum clock with an interesting background (sanded watercolour pencil on water)

Sylvie's #WIP of a  girl in fabric, I love the 'old-hippie' style

 As mentioned before, Liz is going for the nightly scenes. Here are two views on Antibes by night, aren't they fantastic?!