Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Girls, Great Santas, Grapes & other Goodies: In Watercolours!

Another great watercolour session in the Hangar - with the usual suspects - and a new talent!

 Sandra's fabulous Liz Taylor to be finished before Christmas!

André painted the Lady with Flowers at home - but he deserves a mention for it! So well done - reminds me of an old Indonesian tapestry

 This painting was also created by André - in the Hangar. He gave his own interpretation of a black and white picture. Good work!!

 You'll see several paintings of Anna-Karin in this post, because -shame on me- I forgot to take pictures.😳 Making it up to her now...

Very Serious Santa cat with antlers, by Elia 

 This Santa Cat by Agnès is So Fluffy

Elia also finished her pinguin reflection - love it!

And the funniest and sunniest Satin Santa (taking a selfie here) was created by Michele!

Anna Karin painted this colourful mosaic-like fir tree for her December greeting cards

Although she planned to just add a couple of brush strokes to it, Tana couldn't help herself and worked admirably concentrated on her grapes-still life, and the result is fantastic, it has the atmosphere of a classic fresco!

 O, a painting by Anna Karin! The chestnuts she painted a month ago now have a very typical A-K background which works so well!

 Liz finished her painting of Portofino (that's what it was!) and we all agree that it is superb and sunny -and those boats! Wonderful Work Liz!!

 And then there's a new kid in town - Brigitte! She started with the assessment exercise and did an almost perfect job there!

 And then she started the colour catching exercise - and this is the first round - Very good again!

... more next week...

Monday, 28 November 2016

Aquarelle-Tuesday from 2 - 4.30pm - with Marina

 Mushrooms & Much More...
 Last week there was a board meeting in the Hangar, and we didn't have time for a 'line up'. I promised to write my comments about the paintings in our blog, so here they are...

 Celina painted these cantharelles - they have her clear and determined signature - and don't they look tasty!

André's 'mother and baby' mushroom has worked out so well! With an extra compliment for the dewdrops

Sandra's wild mushroom is now finished - there are 5 animals in it, click  the pic toenlarge and find them...
 Michele's autumn picture (L) is almost finished, she used light colours and they Are Working! My only remark would be, to leave parts white only on the sunny side for a slightly more 'logical' picture (R, photoshopped)... 

This is the feeling of October in Sweden - created by our Swedish correspondent Bibbi! So full of atmosphere and of a natural simple beauty...
And how about these old pots with hydrangeae, by Cathie! Another masterpiece for the flowershop, almost finished (some shadows still needed)

Carol finished her Oil paint tubes still life - and it is amazing! So well done - nothing but compliments!

Liz also worked on her tube still life, added a couple of tiny shadows - and now it is perfect. Interesting by the way to see the different styles of the two artists!

Magnificent reflection of a winterpinguin with Santa hat! By Elia B. -who else - funny and so well-painted

Another funny one, by Michele, of Santa taking a selfie. She will finish it next time, adding more contrast and details, but the funniness is already in!
 Colourful Kingfisher by Sylvie. She will lift some of the blue to show the feathers better, add a shadow here and there and then it will be finished!

 Apart from the tube-still life, Liz started a view on the colourful village of Amalfi (Manarola?) Funnily enough it looks quite wintery in its unfinished stage, next week there will definitely be more sun in it!

André worked on this 'Roaring Twenties' girl - it's looking promising already! Hair and hairband need to be painted, and then some work on the hand and the shoulder. Plus some details...

Lovely still life with grapes by Tana. Looks like the effect of salt is now completely under control - great! I love the soft shine on the grapes - and look forward to seeing it finished, with shadows in place...

Agnes started another wonderful painting of a classic car - look at those wheels!!!! If you want to see it finished, click here to go to her blog 

 And the new girl in town (Michele 2) fit in immediately! She did her starters exercise really well and did an extra one with complementary colours!

Monday, 21 November 2016

10CCF - Ten Years Cathie - Colleague - Friend

Today, 21 November it is 10 years ago that Cathie came to the watercolour class for the first time!

And on 16 January the next year I spelled her name correctly for the first time 😋
People ask me if she was already that good and I can honestly say, yes she was, she came in and everyone was in awe with everything she painted - I think she was born 'good' -  but her work did change for sure, here's some early stuff: 

The style is still very much recognisable!
This is what she looked like in 2009:
Also still very much recognisable!

Other highlights were the succesful Masterclass she gave

Experiments with salt, detergent and alcohol

The Masterclass Participants...

And another important highlight  of course was the brilliant article in l'officiel:
And of course there's so much more - but that will surface when we're 25!!
 Where's the bloody monkey??

Cat, thanks so much for everything you have done in the past 10 years - and here's to the future!

XXX Marina

Autumn - Still life and Misc - Well done in Watercolours

The still life of grumpy old oil paints was a real challenge! 
Liz started and is definitely getting there... looking great already...

The theme 'autumn' had fantastic works. Here's Tana's. 
She wasn't so happy with it - yet I think it has a wonderful poetic depth. 
 Unfinished: autumn leaves by Michele. Although I would immediately go for the strong reds, it definitely looks like Michele gets true autumn atmosphere in her serene light colours!

André finished his silk pumpkins with a world of birdhouses and trees and fabric and started his version of this fabulous mushroom...

Elia's 'Mushrooms in space'. The photo makes them look flat where they actually are amazingly 'spacy' 😀

This fabulous image was also created by Elia - It was based on a gorilla (to me it looks like a friendly Yeti) Very well done with wet paint and salt...
 Sandra worked a bit more on the abstract mushroom, added a lizard and do I see a dragonfly?

Also by Sandra - this truly peaceful Buddha face. It has so much to tell and the expression is fantastic!

Carol finished last week's still life and really truly nailed it! 
Agnès painted 'A wee man' with the Mandelieu castle on the background. 
It's already published in her blog!

 And when she was done she painted this bridge in 10 or so minutes... what a talent!

Talking about talent - Cathie is creating a whole series of flowery watercolours - to be sold in a flower shop! More about that later...

and last but not least Sylvie's dragon - now finished!