Monday, 9 December 2019

Winter themed aquarelles

 Sonya's 'abstract winter' painting

Although during the last sessions, the Aquarellistas mainly worked on the Christmas Postcard project (more about that below), some still found the time to  create awesome winter watercolours...
 And two more by Sonya, both well done and especially the one below has that little extra, with the red birds... 

 Almost finished, needs some sharpening and a bit more contrast - but is already awesome! Little house in the snow by Judith

 Fan-tastic frozen lake wth snowy branches and fabulous reflection. Very very well painted by Michele

After last year's mosaic mittens, Celina decided to create a sister-watercolour with matching shawl and hat...
Here's last year's one:

 Jutta has certainly pulled her weight with our cards - and spent the rest of the time on this adorable frog... spontaneous and colourful style, love it!!

And then there was a lot of hard work happening on our Christmas cards. We have one with a Christmas Tree (Cari's 'wild tree') full with fantastic Xmas Baubles, each created by an Aquarellista. 

 And we have together created one with 12 different Christmas trees.
Soon available, they are being printed right now, keep watching this space!

Monday, 2 December 2019

Christmas postcards in Aquarelle

The Aquarellistas have a project these weeks: we are creating Christmas postcards. Together. It is a lot of work, with a deadline - but also great fun! We are halfway, with three cards, one with Winter- and Christmas-themed paintings... with Christmas baubles...

...and one with little Xmas trees!

After we are done we will actually have them beautifully printed - and then use them😝. 
More about this in next week's post...
Because they are so small on the card - here an extra view of the 'balls':
 by Judith, Jutta, Cari, Michele, Sue, Marina, Marie-Françoise. The last 3 were painted in the dark with our phone lights: we had no electricity in the Hangar!

Sue and Marie-Françoise, painting in the dark

And then there were some other paintings, and one pastel finished! Colourful and soulful:

 'Pim's Fingers' by Sylvie D. SO good (it is quite large) and interesting!!

 Michele's paint pots, they are very well painted, different and colourful!

 This is not a watercolour, but Peter's Pastel - the fountain is a subject that we also used, (his was finished in the dark) and as you may know we share the Hangar with the Pastel group of Marina T. on Thursday

Monday, 25 November 2019

'Paint' in Aquarelle

 This is an awesome painting by Marie-Jo, the paint pots look so real and as if they are standing on the table!!

Our subject was 'paint' last week. Simple as that! And as usual there were as many perspectives on the subject as participants 😊. I am absolutely delighted with what was done - and you will be too probably, have a look!

 Something completely different by Sonya, thick colourful wet dripping paint. So cool!

 Hélène's version of 'paint'. Very subtle and original!

 This is so strong in colour and shape! the shadows make it very realistic. By Glen, I love it!

 This robust version has old stained paint pots and the print of the pots on the floor, together creating an interesting composition. So well done, by Liz (Who else) !

 Cari created this splash of paint. She wasn't so happy with it but everyone else was! It's super!

By the look of it Jutta had a good time with this quick, wet painting. And it is wonderful! A spontaneous and happy painting, well done!

 Michele  painted this composition of paint pots - and it is so fantastic. Tip: in the first wash she painted the whole background in a light ocher except for the pot with white paint. That's why it stands out!

Sue had yet another view on the pots - it is a work in progress and my pic doesn't do it justice, but it is already interesting, especially the 'empty spaces'

This spontaneous watercolour with 'paint' as a theme by Judith started very wet, then had some adventures being left to dry on that one shelf that was then used to stack a big box, it was lost and found and now she has zentangled just enough to show the most lovely fantasy animal...

Other wonderful progress was made in the Mona Lisa department! The previous session we painted our versions of the most famous painting in the world - and not all were finished...

Jutta's MonaLisa is fabulous!! Very different from the original - but still with the same 'feel' to it. And certainly with a mysterious smile... Love the hands, and of course the shape of the background!

 Celina created a breathtaking - and hip!- version, admired by many, in three colours (& white but that is the paper of course) that you would not immediately think of with this subject, but they work!

 Vanessa stayed true to the subject but added a very contemporary facial expression and make up!

And Carol's Mona has something quite actual as well, she looks very much like my friend Zoe, and also a lot like Greta Thunberg!

And then there are the other ideas and projects! Always interesting and I love to see what everyone comes up with...

Judith for example, created this very loving, beautiful and erotic image. In between experimenting with wet-in-wet and creating something out of random shapes in her other paintings
This is the finished watercolour of a true warm autumn bouquet painted by Sue, around a magazine clipping. Wonderful!
 Glen improved and finished her autumn leaves before she started the paint pots. They look even better!

 This is unmistakably Anna Karin, with a very attractive yet cold autumn, as always simple, superb & surprising

and last but not least, Carol's finished O So velvet pumpkins.  Awesome...

Monday, 18 November 2019

Mona Lisa impressions in Aquarelle

Michele's version of the Mona Lisa, bleached, modern and young, with a mysterious yet naughty smile...

Last week it was 'create your version of a famous painting'-time again. As you may have guessed, we chose the Mona Lisa, maybe the most famous painting in the world. It was quite a challenge but also very good for our characters to come up with a more or less original interpretation. I think we succeeded! The prizewinning version was Michele's shown above.

As always all versions are completely different! Judith created this one,very mysteriously rising out of the mist. Perfecting her wet-in-wet technique!

 Anna Karin experimented with heavy hand-made paper and is on her way to something very good!

 Cari'sMona Lisa has no smile - but very cool sunglasses! You may notice that we had some fun...

 ... how about this one by Leonie! A Mona Lisa that has not watched her weight but is confident about it! And worth a lot too 😊

How Hélène's Mona Lisa will look when finished is still a surprise! But the start is excellent!

Although not really a Mona Lisa, this painting by Judith certainly belongs to the 'mysterious' strong women category. With beautiful light and shape...

Sylvie M. is still occupied with her poster series and this beauty is almost finished! Great colours!

And as always there were the other subjects, and, the ongoing projects! Two collages now finished:

 Michele's collage, SO well done!

Same goes for Jutta's - seriously hard to see where the photo ends and the painting begins...

Marie-Jo is a new participant - but an experienced aquarellista! She loves architecture and started this impressive city-view. Can't wait to see this develop...

It's cold outside when the sun doesn't shine... That was Glen's inspiration,  when she painted these autumn leaves! They are gorgeous - well done on the background - freezing!

Monday, 11 November 2019

Collage and Watercolours

In 2010 we did a project of creating a watercolour, painted around a strip of paper, torn from a magazine. Above the wonderful result painted by Bibbi...

If you want to see what we did at that time, click the following links:
And almost 10 years later we tried it again. It definitely set everybody's imagination at work -and at the same time it was quite a challenge to achieve colours as full and dark as in the magazine strips! Have a look at the results:

Jutta's collage has a perfect composition and it is difficult to see where the photo stops and the painting begins. Well done!

Michele is not quite finshed with her still life - but it is so cleverly done - and it has a classic look about it.

Sylvie D. as always with an original take on the subject! 3 little Asians in a mysterious, hazy and eastern landscape.

This dreamy, misty landscape has a photo in it! It is hard to see where, such a good job done by Glen.

 Not finished and I may be able to post the next version next blog - but  How Gorgeous already! What an atmosphere. Super Sue

Unbelievable that this was Cari's second watercolour ever! Awesome. 
We stuck it on a frame to make it look extra finished. Worked. So proud!

Marie-Françoise has used her imagination, it has become quite a touching picture with the two angelic figures who make contact! A fantastic job also in getting the colours right by the way...

And then there were the 'other subjects':
Jutta's autumn leaves, finished! They are so colourful - and light and dry, it looks like the wind is just blowing them away...

Michele has finished her velvet pumpkin. It is so rich and soft!

Sonya painted with us while traveling and created these two lovely Halloween pictures. They are amazing and does she have imagination or what!?

Liz finished her fountain and wasn't too pleased with it. Well - look at those details and decide if she is right 😆

Same for Cathie - she just painted a fountain for the fun of it, not as a masterpiece. But the details show so much wonderful stuff!

Sonya did the 'transparancy'exercise and added a suitcase and a (clearly velvet) cushion. A lovely picture!