Monday, 18 January 2021

The suggestion of white - in aquarelle. And more!

Brenda works with us from Isle of Man, and she creates wonderful work as usual. To show the white that isn't white, she painted these tulips and they are wonderful.
The latest Waterciolour Challenge was about how colours can appear white in a painting, but if you really look, they are actually a shade of blue or gray or pink, or all of them! If you would leave them white in your watercolour, it would look boring and without structure or volume. It was all explained in the demo. Aquarellistas from all over the world picked up their brushes and went for it! Here are the results in order of entry:

Sandra (in France) used the word white and chose tulips - and then did her own thing, in yet another fantastic experiment! Using salt and masking and an interesting composition, that makes it look (to me) as if the tulips are floating. And when you see that, the imagination kicks in. What happened?! Great stuff Sandra, thanks!
Ingrid from Switzerland has a bunch of wonderful Tulips that I bet looked much whiter when the background wasn't blue! On the other hand, they look so beautiful and soft pinkish, with an important dark volume on the right. And their highlights make them sparkle.
Celina (from Norway) took the head of the bald eagle as subject to play with the white. It is really good - and I also love the way she painted the beak. She let us know that she experimented with salt on the feathers, wasn't happy and is now researching to improve this! More next time, as the the next challenge is all about that kind of thing!

Jutta (in France) sent this absolutely stunning snowscape as well as some other work (see below). It looks so sharp and white and fresh! Well done in every respect.

Sue (not sure if she is in England or France) picked tulips too and made them look as if they are in the snow. I especially love the way in which they are painted, with a good steady hand and a loose style. And the bent leaf below left is fabulous.

Anna-Karin is in France and has only 1 brush, a very big one with a fine point. And as you can see she creates very delicate flowers with it, like this Anemone. It is so beautiful and looks bright white although there are many other colours in it, and i adore the shadows underneath the flowers. It gives them the depth they deserve...

And in the meantime... Other watercolours, outside our weekly challenge, are created by all. That work  is also very welcome! Below a couple of other and 'old' subjects

Fantastic unpolished and original watercolour of a crystal by Ingrid

Portrait of Jack (father in law) by Brenda

Above and below two gorgeous paintings  by Jutta. Note that the unicorn actually also has a lot of white that isn't white

Monday, 11 January 2021

Diamonds are... great in watercolours!

Celina was looking on google for a yellow diamond-example, and ran into the Feng Shui 'Sun Catchers', so instead of a diamond that's what she ended up doing. And it is fabulous while definitely catching the sun!!

The last Challenge before 2021was to paint a diamond. A complicated task, but the Aquarellistas had until the second week of January to finish it! And the results are amazing. I hope everyone is back on track, and healthy and full of new and creative impulses, you can look forward to a new series of nice challenges, hopefully soon in the Hangar and Les Adrets!

It was Michèle who painted this wonderful diamond - one wonders what size it is! Beautiful and well done, it very much sparkles!

True to style, Sue's blue diamond (in the rough) is a
mixture of wet on wet technique and wet on dry paper ! She also recommends it is best viewed from a distance 😀. Proof that that isn't true shown here! It is wonderful in all respects.
Anna Karin made an absolutely stunning  diamond. II love it and it is so well done. It has the 'usual' original quality of her work, but I am wondering if she did this with her big brush? Depends on the size of the painting I guess - but in any case it is amazing!

Jutta was one of the first, to produce this amazing and refined diamond. Her title: 'Kaleidoscope' reflecting all the hopes and  things to look forward to in the new year... It has gorgeous sparkles and sharply reflects the background, giving it so much more impact.
So happy to see this painting, by Brenda - who works with us from Isle of Man - or South Africa, will ask her! It is very cool, and looks like one you'd like to own. Well done!!
We have a new Aquarellista, Rosemarie, who picked up on the 'chrystal' element. She will work with us from Holland! Her colours are very warm and the depth of her interpretation reminds me of someone
😀. More on this later...

And for those of you who are seeing all this and want to try painting a multi-faceted object here's the link to the demo-video once more:

Monday, 21 December 2020

Dream Catchers in Watercolours

A lovely, subtle Dream Catcher, painted by Michele. Beautiful gold, shiny pearls, a little sea Horse and beautiful weavings. I'm sure this one only lets the good dreams through!

 Last week's Aquarellista challenge was  paint your own 'dream catcher' and apparently most of you are already completely into Christmas mode, or spending all the time shopping! Still, two much-appreciated results came in, the one above beautifully ornamented with all kinds of small and interesting objects, created by Michele. And the one below by Judith in her by now recognizable style! An interesting and original take on things as always, in a stylized language.

Interesting, this Dream Catcher interpretation by Judith! Of course it is ony the start of a whole series where she will discover more things. Is it about the star in the middle or the round shapes on the outside...

One more post to go in 2020 - about the painting of diamonds, a difficult yet fulfilling task. I hope I have a lot of results to post, but if not I will have my own show here 😁

Monday, 14 December 2020

Mysterious forest and diffused light in watercolours

Michele's fantastic, mysterious misty light on a small shallow pond in the forest. Fantastic painting, well done!

Not too many 'Forest' watercolours, understandably, as it was a real challenge! The alternative was in the instruction video, of which the last part is very suitable for our next challenge ('Dream Catchers')... Just saying 😀

This wonderful watercolour is very atmospheric, in a completely different way! It is created by Sue, who painted an impression of 'spring time in the Italian mountains'. There is a clear longing in that title alone - and in the painting too. Long shadows, snow on the mountains - and loosely painted...

For the long-term regulars of the Aquarellista Group: Bibbi is still following us! 
For the Aquarellistas who do not know her, she is a fantastic watercolour artist, friend of Anna Karin. Moved back to Sweden a couple of years ago but stayed in touch. 
Bibbi created a wet-in-wet Lake & Forest painting (above) and then changed it quite a bit to the one below, true to her style, dark, a touch of surrealism, and still full of hope. Click to see more details - And the title is perfect:  'Shadow Water',

And last but by no means not least, Judith's stylized watercolour, titled 'Into the woods'. It is a wonderful composition I think, and it has everything in it, from misty sunlight, reflections, water and trees. Looking forward to see more of this original stuff!

Monday, 7 December 2020

Nudes in watercolours - and more...

Sue had no previous experience, but clearly enjoyed painting her nude! It worked out really well, the fun is clearly visible and the brushstroke like you would expect from Sue, loose and adventurous. Special compliment for the excellent colours!
Number Fifteen of the weekly Watercolour challenge was 'painting nudes' and most of the Aquarellistas were not very much into it! But the ones who were, created excellent and interesting work. As you can see above and below! 

Vanessa created this beautiful painting of a female model in a stretched, standing pose. A brave choice, because that is difficult proportion-wise! She's done a good job on it, on the skin colour and especially on the shine on that bod!!

Anna Karin created this fantastic moving page, in her signature style. She remarked that she finds it easier to draw a real life model than from a picture. That may be because a picture is flat and doesn't move. For others that is an advantage - it all depends on preference!

Sandra is an experienced life drawer, but she felt inspired for painting ballet dancers, the pain, the muscle tension, and the apparent lightness of it. I am in awe - and the last one (on the right is my favourite... Yours?
Michele took Matisse (and maybe a bit of Yves Klein) as inspiration for her nude  and created a stylized version, that would look fantastic as a print, or on a really big scale!
Judith created several versions from colourful and pretty much realistic to extremely simplified in Miro style, but decided for the one above, a sitting pose of a male model. Her other excellent  result was the self portrait! I am in awe about this one. It is the light above the right eye that makes it 'her'. Well done.

In the meantime...


Celina is back in Oslo, with her materials this time (I guess) and she painted this lovely and funny portrait of a Christmas Kitty. Don't mistake The Look for admiration of all the lights and glitter: the black eyes mean mischief and plans to jump the tree and get as many of the spheres out as possible in one sweep of the paw 😁

There is an update to Sandras painting that I find nteresting: now that she added a simple background , it is as if the Geisha is walking, with tiny steps.

Sandra also produced a couple of watercolours, above lightly inspired by the brilliant Wilhelmina Barns-Graham - and below inspired by her own painting. She wonders what the curls below signify -  I see seals moving away... what do you see?

And remember Cari?  A friend of Leonie, she joined us temporarily and created all kinds of paintings - but now, back in the UK, has become very 'botanical'... her beautiful asparagus are in the Cookbook - and here is some recent work:

Monday, 30 November 2020

Van Gogh through Aquarellista eyes

Sue's Terrace at night is so atmospheric, the warm light coming out of the café, and a very French overall mood. Sue's a master at that!

It was 'be inspired by a famous painting'-week again, and this time the Aquarellistas had the well-known Van Gogh painting 'Terrace at Night' as example. Quite challenging as it is an oil painting and they are always very strong in colour, not easy to paint something similar in watercolours - but some nailed it completely! Another option was to use it as inspiration and that worked so well for Judith!! I was delighted to see the results of her search. 

Completely different is Judith's simplified, stylized version, it has the colours and the perspective and in a way it is still a street, but also very much open  to other interpretations. Wonderful and original as always!

Here is Michele's version, it looks bright and playful like Michele's work often does. 
She has certainly  done him proud, creating a very aquarelle version!
Vanessa has created her personal version - and it is very different yet again, i love to see those paintings that at first view look the same and then when you look a bit longer are totally different. This one is very much about the cobblestone street, way to go'!
and two more impressions by Judith - above the one that is the most realistic, but in a very modern, clear-line stylized form, and below a version where she has taken the perspective lines and colours, to create an abstract that is open to many interpretations.From the eternity symbol to a funny face, and lots in between...

In the meantime...
Sandra did a contemporary Geisha - dress design, inspired by the evening gowns of last week! Fantastic idea - and I love the patterns!
And 7 year old girls love rainbow-colours! Last week it was Amelia, this week Elin and it is clear great minds think alike!! I wish I had a dress like that, looks colourful as well as comfy!
Liz is almost done with this next, slightly more stylized version of het 'view on Opio'
And Thelma (of the LA group) painted this stunning lion. It is really strong and beautiful - the sepia works well!!

Thinking of that, I painted a LEO-nandala. As in Zodiac-sign. OK we are in confinement, but the good part is that you have much more time to paint...

Next week: Nudes in Aquarelle

Monday, 23 November 2020

Evening dresses in Watercolours

The first dress to arrive in my mailbox, is this lovely, elegant chiffon, beads and paillettes.
So delicately painted in soft turquoise and designed, or maybe owned by Michele. Good shadow too!

What a fun theme we had in our 12th 'Evening Gowns' Challenge... Already a couple of fantastic evening dresses came in - and more will follow I am sure! The red dresses are popular with the Aquarellistas - one wonders why, must have to do with the need for bright and colourful, or their strong characters and determination 💥or maybe because Christmas is near...

Voluptuous dress by Sonya, the black beads of the top and the draped dark red velvet so beautifully represented. And the leg is fantastic too. Well done!

This heavy velvet gown with golden embroidery comes from Ingrid (from the Adrets group) who works with us from Switzerland right now, coming back to France after the lockdown. As you can see she is very clever with the use of masking fluid!

This dress was painted by Sue. For the satin shine effect, she added white watercolour pencil, a great idea! The painting has such depth - and do I see correctly that she held back a bit in 'wildness'? 😊

Vanessa  was inspired by the same picture - but you can only deduct that from the pose of the model.
Both are wonderful paintings and I keep finding it an amazing surprise that you all have such different expressions and styles!

Amelia, daughter of Sonya and much loved occasional participant of our group was inspired by the 'design your evening gown' challenge and she did a fantastic job on a dress that I personally would love to have! Simple and colourful - and have you seen the piping, flowing from light grey to almost black! Love it!

And last but not least, a design for a dress, by Sonya! I'd love to see it in inspired colours!