Monday, 9 July 2018

Bottle & Brush Challenge continued + misc!

This is what I saw when I downloaded the 'bottle & brush' results for the blog... seeing all those fantastic real glass bottles really made me proud and happy! 

And here below they are on a larger scale - look and enjoy, they are awesome (with more to come) - and also have a look at Cathie's posts on the facebook page FRENCH RIVIERA ART



Brenda! (discussion on Facebook still hot: should she go on or stop now...)



 Vanessa! (not yet finished - so will be even better)

Isabelle! (not yet finished - so will be even better)

 Sylvie M!


And then there were some ongoing projects like
 Bev's view on Piazza Ducale (going to be awesome!)

Abstract flowers by Sheila...

Summer with the kids - another brilliant painting by Carol-who-will-now-start-with-the-bottle&brush challenge!!

Monday, 2 July 2018

the Bottle& Brush challenge AKA 'Is It a Painting or Is It a Photograph'

Last week Cathie was 'Chief Aquarellista', and to the delight of all, she started  
"The Bottle & Brush Challenge".

It is all about this picture, posted on the Facebook group 'French Riviera Art' with the question - is this a painting or a photo?! The replies varied from"'certainly a photo!!" via "not really sure" to "looks like a painting to me"... Whatever it is, it is definitely a fantastic image, showing that moment in which the transparent paint hits the water. The weird thing however is that nobody can find the answer to the question 'is it a painting'. So Cathie (in the "it's a photo"-camp) decided that the painters should be able to prove that it is a painting.

And there's the challenge! This will all be explained and organised in the near future via the Facebook Group, but some Aquarellistas already gave it a first try. Both Cathie and I are very impressed with the results sofar!! It is truly awesome how Real they all look. Respect!!

 Sylvie M



Sylvie D.


Brenda finished her Tuscan view - I think it is breathtaking! 

Fantastic Flower - great work, by Patience (who else?!)

And before starting the Bottle&Brush challenge, Hélène finished her sunset through a glass... 
Very well done!
Thank you Cathie for your time & help & excellent ideas & input!!

Monday, 25 June 2018

5 Aquarellistas, 5 Subjects

It was not crowded last session - almost all Aquarellistas were elsewhere! But we had a fantastic, creative and energetic afternoon with Helene, Cathie, Sandra, Bev and myself.
We discussed all kinds of interesting art-related subjects and each of us painted different subjects - with so much pleasure!

Hélène worked on this amazing sunset through a glass...

...Cathie painted more on the cup and saucer watercolour...

 ...Sandra painted this small and colourful graphical composition...

 ... While Bev started an enormous challenge with the Piazza Ducale in Vigevano (we went there during the hangar Springtrip) as subject...
...and I painted hands....

Monday, 18 June 2018

Fabrics - Flowers and other Fun subjects in Watercolours

 Amazing result of Isabelle, also proof that 'persevere' is the thing to do when you paint silky fabrics

During our last aquarelle session, many were still working on unfinished watercolours or inspired by other things! But 4 Aquarellistas worked on the subject du jour: 'Fabrics' and as you can see interpreted it all in a different way!

'Weaving' was the swing that Sylvie D gave the subject. She will finish this later, adding the part on the right that is the actual fabric - but already an awesome image!

 Sheila started a basis for brocade, but it ran away with her and she ended up with this gorgeous fantasy-lace! That's one of those things with watercolours...

 Patience really bended the subject  towards surrealism. These folds look beautifully melancholic and if you look carefully (click to enlarge picture) you will find a foot, and eye and more...

The group was very big and we worked with a still life and different pictures as examples and inspiration...

 Michele F brought daughter II, the beautiful Violet. Clearly the talent for colours and composition runs in the family! Above. Michele's little bouquet (almost finished)
Violet worked with watercolours for the first time (!) and here's the big lily she created. So fragile - and the white works splendidly. I love it.

 And talking about talent, Brigitte is really on a roll. She finished her beach view (below) and to fill the time 'doodled' these tulips in a very relaxed way. We were all in awe, looking great!

 Brenda's almost fnished tuscan landscape. It is very sunny - and just needs a little bit more of that typical background - to be added next time

 Sylvie D.also created a Tuscan landscape - I so love the little village on the hill top and those typical cypress trees!

Michele C. works with us in between travels all over the world! She read about our 'perspective workshop' and that inspired her to paint this little street on the road to Compostella (9 points out of 10 for the perspective Michele)
Awesome, what more can I say... Brigitte's sunny sandy beach  now finished

Here's the very start of Carol's new painting. I use it as an example to show that in some art the subject is all-important, more than the execution. Even though this is not even half finished, it already touches you with it's story doesn't it!? I already look forward to seeing the next stages...

 Not only is this amazingly well done by Agnès (look at that water, look at those drops from the fountain in the background!) but to me it is also a funny picture: to me the guy in the shell is on the phone - do you see it too? 

Liz started with a new project that will later be a group effort: the brush in the water jar. Cleverly done by her, and who knows, after it is finished we may have to ask: 'is it a painting or a photo?'  

More later - actually much more work was created as we were with a big group, but many had left before I could take the pictures... So sorry - and of course Next Time!