Monday, 17 October 2016

Camouflage - still life - and more

 Brenda was there for the last time this year - and she finished with a fantastic painting of a hardly visible leopard in the dry grass...
Inspired by the subject that Liz has worked on the past couple of weeks 3 aquarellistas started with the subject 'Camouflage'. See above and below. I love the subject - and the results.

Carol worked on this butterfly on a flower - very well done, and to be finished next session...

Linda started with a grasshopper - it is still visible but wait until the leaf is in place! More next week...

Michèle, our correspondent in Bretagne created this funny picture of 6 dogs. And if the walls were off-white they would be well-camouflaged too...

Carol also finished the still life with the Large-Jar with letters -and how! Very subtle and beautiful.

Sylvie created a new version of her still life with orchids. With slightly stronger colours the composition works differently -- and just as good.
Celina gave the (quite complicated) still life du jour a brave try, and see how well that worked out!

Bibbi, our correspondent in Sweden was inspired by the grapes we painted a couple of weeks ago - and here's the final result! A gorgeous and typical Bibbi painting...

Next to the grapes there were boules/spheres, the most important watercolour exercise that André worked on - and understood to perfection...

Also by André, a volume exercise that jumps from the paper, he's ready for 'layers'!

Monday, 10 October 2016

Autumn in Aquarelle (and more of course)

It was International Animal's day, Halloween is around the corner and it gets colder outside, even in the South of France... Autumn is coming!

At least one animal was spoilt that Tuesday - Cathies big pup Beau came along and got so many cuddles and cookies and general attention that he became almost shy (almost...)

 Beau was the only real animal inside, but two aquarellistas were inspired by the subject! Above you see a pair of elephants bathing in a hazy atmosphere, painted by Sylvie

And here are two watercolours of owls who disappear in the background! A fantastic idea of Liz - there's so much in here! From research on which colours work best, to abstract patterns to optical illusion (and of course animal's day)

Autumn - chestnuts in an abstract background, clearly in Anna-Karin's brush strokes

More chestnuts & leaves, by Elia... So sorry for the crappy picture - the painting is very good and subtle and not at all blurred!

Tana introduced the chestnuts into her still life of the vase and they blended in perfectly! Well done!

Tricia proceeded with her still life and gave it more value and more to look at!! Super cool...

And then of course there was some work outside our many themes and still lives:

 This fan-tas-tic sunny portrait by Brenda of her grandson 
(picture doesn't do it justice - real thing even better)

 Grapes by Anna-Karin now finished - what an absolutely great picture, that light! I love it!

Sylvie's levitating Buddha - monk's work with all that bamboo, but near-finalized now and very impressive (and Zen)

And last but not least, Elia's antique wine cask - handle! Now perfected and finished. Bravo!

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Aquarellistas at work

In the new setup of the Aquarellista sessions, we have a subject, a still life -and then of course whatever else we like to paint... It may sound complicated but it is a great way to keep everyone sharp! This week just some crockery, a glass vase and some lavender as still life... and it turned out to be inspiring! Have a look at the results!
Carol really achieved something and then worked on it at home - and needs to tweak the big vase. Watch this space to see the final result - it is going to be fabulous!

Tricia popped in late and then achieved a great and very 'Shirley' (Trevena) result... 
Not finished but looking good already!

And another subtle and attractive painting by Tana - see the transparency! 
Can't wait for the finished painting... 

Cathie was practicing and trying out apples and grapes for a commission - using the grapes in the still life. Even her tryouts are mouth-wateringly beautiful. Sorry for the bad pic, I must have been too moved...

The other subject was 'Optical Illusion'. I brought pictures of graphical illusions, and believe me it is not easy to make a painting, as your brain gets confused... But the group attacked the subject and it worked out well! I hope to show you more of it as not everything was finished and it is such a great subject (personal hobby of mine) - and here are some first goes:
Perfect illusion, great volume by Sylvie!

Patience - what an artist she is! if you squint this is all volume and a true illusion, if you don't squint, it is quite scary - and very strong!! Love it!

André joined us for the first time. He has never painted with watercolours, and is used to oil paint. That makes it all the more difficult - but he did a great job and is clearly getting the transparency! This is going to be a great watercolour if he finishes it in 2 weeks...

And then there were the 'free' subjects:
Brenda proceeded with the beautiful little man - shadows next week to make it a strong portrait - but already so lovely

And another wild artwork by Patience! In a way this is an optical illusion too - just a couple of lines and a bit of paint to create these shrubs! I'm impressed...

Agnès had visited the pottery market in Antibes and for her Hobby Sketcher blog created this great pic of a visitor checking out these fun stripey clay figures

Edith worked on several projects and finished the copper ornament on the antique wine cask...

And  last but not least, Sylvie worked at home on this, almost monochrome, painting, so subtle and beautiful in its simplicity. Great idea - and Big Compliment!

Monday, 26 September 2016

Wine tasting and watercolours

 One word - fabulous. These grapes by Anna-Karin
Anna-Karin is back from Sweden! We're all delighted to have her with us again - she's of course a nice person and we get lots of inspiration from her 'Nordic' painting style.
Also she knows about wine and that is a good thing, esp. in France. Lucky coincidence that, having been in the Gironde the past two weeks (o, I did mention that before didn't I...) I brought some of the local drink, Pineau, with me for a small tasting. It is made of fresh grapejuice with cognac. Sweet and gorgeous and with 12% alcohol... We took tiny sips - and were still able to finish our work:

 Also Tana was inspired by the subject. Well done for the grapes - and the leaf will be more defined in the next session to create a perfect picture!

These juicy bad boys are painted by Carol. She is good at the round shapes - here with a soft glow, and below, her fnished marbles, with sharp lightfall. Excellent work!

I brought inspirational pictures from the vignoble that I visited, of the age-old containers and other attributes for producing wine -- 

Edith started with one of them... Looking age-old like it should, only the salt kept absorbing the colour, so more next week
For the aquarellistas who like to paint from three-dimensional examples, I will from now on bring real stuff. Last time: a basket with white cutlery

Two versions here, above the experienced, comic book style of Agnès
And one in the slightly more classic version painted by Vanessa

Of course everyone is free to choose their own subject, and both Sylvie and Brenda were looking for something to make them feel 'Zen'...
Brenda started a portrait of her lovely grandson...

 ...and Sylvie worked on a levitating buddha surrounded by bamboo.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Once upon a rainy afternoon in the Hangar...

With a theme 'barks' Celina used the afternoon to go way out of her comfort zone (very good!): she tried out using big brushes, painted in other colours than she usually does and sprinkled different types of salt. As you can see the effects vary quite a bit. Of course she documented what she did and used and soon we'll have a blogpost dedicated to the use of salt - pros and cons...
Liz worked on an invisible owl - in camouflage colours... I am posting this so you can still see the owl - when the picture is finished you may not be able to see him anymore...
Liz also finished her 'ad' for a super dress with orange shoes and bag. Still lerve the shoes Liz!!

Michele is still in Bretagne, but it is getting colder there and we expect her back in October. She works from home and look at this! a heavenly blue dress... Super!

Tana ended up working on these gorgeous, matte grapes. I can't wait to see them finished...