Monday, 19 June 2017

Bougainvillea Branches

 This still life with fantastic vase and bougainvillea branches was set up by Cathie for Tuesday's mini-group...

 ...and painted by Liz -in psychedelic style with a hint of Shirley Trevana...
 ...and Carols' version, with a fantastic vase and looking so surrealist with these misty flowers...
... Cathie painted another set of suitcases. 
Take a good look and try to see their expressions...

Monday, 12 June 2017

Imaginary Garden Pots

What fun last Tuesday! It was a splendid, sunny afternoon, we got together, ate Brigitte's fantastic birthday waffles and painted garden pots. Not from pictures and only lightly helped by a couple of pots on the table that were meant to give an idea of the shapes. Actually, this is what that that looked like exactly:
 Bev sat down and painted the randomly put down pots. And managed to make them look pretty good!!
The other paintings are all coming from the Group's imagination, inspired by what was on the table, and sometimes with light influences of artists like Shirley Trevana and Mary Fedden....

 Sylvie painted this gorgeous looking bunch, with the use of a pinch of salt and lots of dark Mediterranean shadow!

 Carol's Big and Bold vases - yet her style is still recognizable!

John-Carol's-brother was our guest star. Never done watercolours before in his life - well, he must have it in his genes because this looks pretty amazing! And original!

Brigitte painted without an exercise to hold on to, and look what happened... the painting is not yet finished, but it has  potential for a  true Shirley-type composition!

Sandra worked on the Mary Fedden-inspired watercolour with distorted perspective. Great to see that the perspective is used for its shape and not to suggest depth - and that it attracts attention that way. Can't wait to see the finished painting!

André worked with a tiny brush on most of this big painting, the paint pot doesn't look out of place at all and he managed to almost finish it! I'm curious what has been painted with that red  paint...

And last but not least Liz, who worked with her typical bold gestures, and a delicate flower here and there. Also she must have been slightly inspired by Shirley Trevana, created shapes from empty spaces, and transparency where it can't be there. Interesting! Look forward to seeing it finished...

If you are missing paintings here - I am so sorry! I don't have them here, but will put them in asap. Of course it also means that you have actually read this post! Thank you so much for that!
 Brenda used her Aquarellista time to finish two drawings for our big Théoule exhibition in September and October (more about that later!) They are drawn in Lucca while we had our painting trip - and are both accurate and funny!

NB: I will be away for 3 weeks, doing art-projects abroad! Cathie will host the aquarellista sessions and I will still send out 'Weeklies' and post blogs - remote!

Monday, 5 June 2017

Beautiful Wild Flowers - in aquarelle

Anna-Karin has gone to Sweden for the summer, and the last watercolour she made during the Zen afternoon is so fabulous! The flowers, leaves and the diffused light are painted in a way that makes you smell the forest. Fantastic. Looking forward to September when we see you again A-K!

 Sandra used wild flowers and wild leaves for this painting. She put watercolour paint on them and pressed them on the paper. A great idea, and yet another experiment that makes me want to see more of that!

 Bev painted the bunch of wild flowers that we had in our still life and combined it with the sunflower from her own imagination. The result looks so very summery...

 André worked on his watercolour/ink painting of the square of Mouans-Sartoux! I think it worked out very well, it is a playful and light picture. Well done!

This modern industrial landscape by Liz  is not yet finished - the masking fluid is still on it. Yet it is already so good! The reflections, the crane, the bridge... I can't wait to see it in the next stage.

 Bev also finished her cherries... They look so yummy - both the actual cherries and the reflections

Sylvie finished a painting of an antique blue glass vase. She has really caught the irregular, slightly faded features of such a vase - using salt. 

NB - Cathie al-most finished the suitcases, you'll have to wait another week to see the final version - but I can tell you, they are absolutely amazing - and already sold!!

Monday, 29 May 2017

Paintings in Progress

A relaxed Tuesday watercolour-afternoon - with many different works in progress! 
Always interesting to see what everyone comes up with

Cathie is working on the amazing texture of old leather suitcases. I love the smiling one (not yet finished). Sandra and I also found a hidden cartoon-beaver in this painting! Do you see it?

Michele has finished all starters exercises and is doing well with the advanced painting-group. Also, she is taking time to document the things she discovers! Such a good idea... It is now officially part of the actual program, thank you Michele!
Here's Michele's painting in progress... a typical 'wet-in-wet' landscape.

Romantic Roses by Tana - also a big compliment for the transparency of vase and water!

 Here's the next profile photo of our Facebook page - an 'inbetweeny' by Anna Karin. Like with the previous version, the background is so deep and far! And it is abstract. Well done, love it.

 Anna Karin is in clearly in natural abstraction mode! Here her 'Slot Canion' and below the predecessor of our Facebook profile picture... Interesting!
Brigitte worked on a second transparency exercise, also very seriously doing the 'solvège' for colours!
It was great to see Vanessa again. She worked hard and smart on olives and lavender - to be used as decoration of menu cards for a wedding. Bougainville and Oleander coming up, for the other tables...

Sylvie created the second version of her lion, this one (not yet finished) will be much more light and sensitive...

Monday, 22 May 2017

Foam, Fantasy and Finished projects

Last Tuesday afternoon we had a very zen afternoon, with a still life of a leather bag and an umbrella. Baptised 'Mary Poppins bag' by the lovely Agnès in her well-read blog 'Hobbysketcher'.

Michele now belongs to the advanced group and after experimenting with all kinds of borders, she was looking forward to working with masking fluid. And look what that resulted in!! What a fabulous painting, I am very impressed and I hope to see many more versions...

This was the exercise du jour: use this card as inspiration. In whatever way you like...
Anna-Karin worked on it and created a truly fantastic painting. I'm impressed. Much better colours in real life, and that composition is so very very good, giving the feeling of endless space...

And the other brave artist who let herself be inspired was Elia. She used the ribbony shapes to create a face that looks in different directions. Not finished but already beautiful - and delicate - and surrealistic (of course)

Sandra is working on a series where wet colour brushstrokes are combined with writing. I am very enthusiastic about it - it is really something else, intelligent and it looks amazing!

Cathie took inspiration from last week's still life with the old suitcase and started a new challenge with the texture of old leather... can't wait to see it finished!

Liz finished the perfume bottle still life (sorry! no picture, next week hopefully) and worked on the mirror-with-cherries. In her typical  direct style. Nailed it!

Brenda 'washed in' one of her sketches from Lucca and inserted the exactly right atmosphere!

And Celina finished her composition with melon slices - a mouthwatering festival with  complementary colours...

Monday, 15 May 2017

Roses & Perfume - it must be Mothers' day...

With Cathie hosting a watercolour session, there was extra choice in subjects! There were roses, and perfume bottles and on top of that Tana brought the suitcase, hat and gloves. All looking gorgeous and enough to keep everyone busy for weeks!  

Of course with a creative bunch of people like the Aquarellistas everyone painted their own interpretation of the subject
 Tana started with the roses - and it looks very promising!! More next week...
 ...same for Liz who started with the perfume bottles, a super composition, with challenging reflection, transparency and perspective! More later...

Carol and Anna Karin started with an almost abstract subject: 'Slot Canyons'. Narrow canyons, which are significantly deeper than wide They are very abstract and have fabulous colours, line formations and light when seen from below...

Apart from that both Anna-Karin and Carol finished other paintings:

Carol's plums - her approach of this simple subject makes it so poetic, fantastic!

To my (and her own I'm sure) happy surprise Anna Karin finished her Chinese Dragon Pillar - And it looks very very good! I will add it to our Aquarellista Facebook Page asap...

 Anna-Karin also finished her mysterious Nordic Forest - I love it. And that wasn't all:
...she also worked on the last details of the apple blossom... 

There was more going on, but there are no more pictures! They will come next week, so watch this space...