Monday, 11 December 2017

Candle light in watercolours

 Candlelight and an open Elia B.
Subject du jour: Candle light... The work is not yet done, but some of the half-way finished works are already so awesome... The most important is, that the candle light, yellow as it may be, is the lightest part of the total image. Even the reflection is darker. That said, Elia did not make the reflection darker and  look at her picture (above) Stunning!!
 Brigitte's candle is perfect - in shape and colour, and so is the flame - and it will work even better after she has painted the background!! More next post...

 Sylvie D.'s abstraction of candlelight. As always very original - and high expectations for stage II when the rest of the dark parts is added!! 
Michele C. worked hard on her copper candles. She is not happy yet, but everyone else, yours truly included, immediately recognized the quality - watch this space for the finished aquarelle.

A serious work of art by Carol. What do you think about the deeper meaning here? Makes you think, doesn't it...

 The Christmas cards by Anna-Karin... She made colours of the left one a bit stronger and put wishes for a Merry Xmas and a Happy new year in English and Swedish -click to enlarge!

 The awesome wreath, now perfected, by Michele C. What a fantastic painting it has become. Chapeau Michele!!

 A new card series! This one is created by Brigitte. Well done, the Xmas baubles are very well done! Shadows work don't they?

Other subjects were investigated too! Liz worked on a lighthearted picture of boats huddling together....

 Agnès started this gorgeous butterfly, it brings vague memories of summer...

  Cathie's work... That velvet is amazing. The shadow is not in the painting, it is mine, hadn't noticed, sorry!

 And how about this exciting still life!! 
A stack of books about to fall, a ball of wool about to roll... I see it too now Liz!!

Monday, 4 December 2017

Wreaths in Watercolors

Last week the Aquarellistas painted wreaths. A lovely subject, with so many possibilities for expression! But first I would like to show you a painting by our own great watercolour artist Cathie. I would never have thought that a stack of newspapers would make my heart beat faster - but this one did:
Fan-tas-tic painting by Cathie. Please create more of this!!

Not yet completed but syunning in this stage already, Michele C.'s wreath! She's certainly on a roll...

Celina has been traveling for some time (and will again soon) but she came in last week and worked on her cell. She has really achieved a fantastic effect, I am a fan! Very well done. And it happens to also fit the bill of 'wreaths' by the way 😛

Agnès painted a classic wreath in a very alternative way! You can read all about it in her blog (where I also nicked this photo because it is so much better than mine...)

 Anna-Karin started her own version of Christmas cards in her personal and attractive style...
More of this in the next post!
Michele C. finished her Funny Santa, Brilliant!!

Jane started the cards too - I think the finished tree and the other two are great - but most of all I love the Robin!!

Brigitte is back - and she worked on a couple of Xmas cards to get into it again. 
They will be so nice when they are finished! Next time - the results...

Sylvie D finished  two paintings, the ballet dancer - with a tremendous light, and the falling autumn leaves below, with so much atmosphere!

And we end with a work in progress by Cathie... The velvet is so soft already

NB: Michele F. & Sandra SD's  paintngs were so good - but my pictures didn't do them justice (to put it mildly) So Sorry - I owe them an extensive mention in the next post!

Monday, 27 November 2017

(Watercolour) ideas for Christmas cards

Not sure what led to this, but last week someone brought up the idea to create Xmas cards in watercolours and before we knew it, production had started. The Hangar will be a Xmas card factory on Tuesday afternoons. Well - part time, as all Aquarellistas have their other projects as well. A great combination!
I created a couple of examples:
A page with 8 'Reindeer' cards (idea from internet, there is so much out there). Masking fluid - brown blob (or thumb print)-remove masking, red nose, antlers, one page with 8 cards takes 15 minutes tops - make 80 cards in 2,5 hours... doable!

And here's what they might look like - add 'Merry Xmas' (or something else) and you have such an original card!. The card on the left is my idea, and just as easy, some drops of masking fluid, when dry, paint a 'tree' over it, remove masking and put in some colour:
A Christmas bauble always works...
Tree in masking fluid, dark background and then the unsurpassed 'golden feltpen'

Paint a tree - add stars and dots in gold/silver/glitter... add a wish - and done!

Liz' 4 try outs... she gave the Red-nosed Reindeer a lot of character

Michele C also worked on 4 types, I especially love the transparent turquoise bauble!

Michele F painted the same subject, in a different style - with amazing tree and bauble...
Apart from this production, everyone worked seriously on other paintings:
Liz started the still life (masking to be removed) of Xmas decoration on a mirror. Great style!
Michele C started a happy picture of a stylized Santa with a huge stack of presents
Michele F also finished this abstract painting inspired by nerve cells. I find it fantastic!!

Liz finished her sea monster painting - she deserves a better photo - but you get the idea and I guarantee you that it is very strong and has interesting light!!

 Cathie started with a still life of an old chair with a stack of (old) newspapers. Look at that chair! She used her 'signature' salt to make the surface a bit rough and worn - and is now working on the 'yellowed' paper... Can't wait to see it finished...

Same for the latest challenge in Sandra's 'Essence of' series, can't wait to see it finished. Can you already see who it is? Resemblance certainly there now!!

Monday, 20 November 2017

Autumn Leaves

A still life (with Ikea bowl) and inspiring pictures: our subject du jour was 'Autumn leaves' and everyone did their best to create the atmosphere that goes with the season!
One day Anna-Karin will exhibit a series of delicate paintings with Ikea bowls. This is a new one - not yet finished but impressive already!

It hardly ever happens, but with this painting by Elia it does: the picture is much less good than the painting; Somehow the brilliant, vibrant and deep 'Peacock Blue' background looks like normal blue!

 Michele C painted a fantastic autumny leaf on a typical birch background

Not quite finished - and a bad photo by yours truly - but this is going to be a very good aquarelle, with a lovely composition, of Sylvie D. I promise a better pic in next post!

Carol is still insecure if this will work out - but I'm confident it will! Just persevere and it will be absolutely fantastic - in true soft and romantic Carol-style

Agnès  created this awesome watercolour! So well executed - and very atmospheric! 
More of her work on her own blog hobbysketcher

Excellent work by Jane - you see the leaf slowly gliding down

Our new Aquarellista Agnieszka enthusiastically working on her painting.. Starting very light, and slowly building it up until it is perfectly balanced...

Cathie working on a new masterpiece with her signature 'one-hair brush'

And Cathie's first  tubes-painting is done! I am so happy that she persevered, it is gorgeous!

Sandra just started a new 'Essence' painting. She has not yet concentrated on the resemblance but the make up of the right eye might give you an idea

 Michele also finished her Cells-watercolour. It is SO 3-D now!! Very well done, big compliment

 And Elia tweaked the Halloween painting with a bit of realistic dark shadow, and a spiderweb. I post this for therapeutic reasons of course  😜