Monday, 21 May 2018

Escargots en Aquarelle - Snails in Watercolour

 From our Breton correspondent Michele C - a very cute and well-painted snail

The latest Aquarellista Session was dedicated to 'Snails'. They are beautiful in many ways, there are many many different species and their shapes and colours leave room for imagination. Above and below you can see a good variety of possibilities!
 Snail shell by Hélène, very wel done - the volume is great and the patterns enhance the shape!

 Celina created this Snail-Leaf composition, true to her style. You would think this comes from her imagination, with the bright red and the perfect shape - but it is based on an existing snail! 
 Lovely watercolour with reflection by Glenn. I think it is a young snail, it somehow has a vibrant feeling to it.
 Almost abstract snail by Vanessa. points for warm colours and nice contrast. 
I hope she likes it better when she sees this picture! 
 Elia B. painted a mother-of-pearl shell on this beauty - and nailed it!

 Brenda used a photo of a simple shell to create a big painting in her loose and transparant style - and so did Bev. On first sight the two look similar  - but that is because of the colours. In fact they are very different... (click to enlarge)
After this Bev was interested to go a step further, so she took the box with real shells and built a still life with them. Below the first brush strokes - more next week!

NB - there are paintings missing. my bad - I didn't take pics of everything I am ashamed to admit. I have to pack'n prepare for the Hangar Spring Trip and am scheduling this post. So have a look for them next week, in the 'other projects' 

And here are the other, finished, started and ongoing projects - very worth looking at also! Earth, Water and Fire by Carol, Liz and Sandra...

 Carol's Awesome horizon-painting, inspired by the village she grew up in

Two amazing water splashes, by Liz. Both look as if they are really happening, great stuff!!! 

And to finish, here's one great work of art by Sandra. I am over the moon with this one because it tells one hell (literally) of a story that 'deepens the mystery'. I interpret it as the downfall of the Maya culture - but there are many ways of looking at it. Breathtaking if you see it for real - also interesting technique-wise. The structure in the arch was achieved by using gouache. If you want to see more by Sandra visit her website

Monday, 14 May 2018

Watercolour Horizons...

 Very abstract -and interesting interpretation bij Isabelle. With visual texture, created with gauze and paint...(click on te picture to see more detail)

Last time the Aquarellistas got together, we chose 'Horizons' as our subject. An inspiring one - with so many possibilities for interpreting... Above and below a couple of examples - there were more but I did not take pictures of everything... my bad!

Very exiting version-to be finished, with a serious red  background and a mysterious arcade rising up... By Sandra -who else!

 A next interesting version, created by Patience. Incredible colours and a fantastic composition.

How about Bev's interpretation! So well done, so much view!

Or the horizon Vanessa painted... almost from another planet, I absolutely adore the light!

Another interpretation -not finished but amazing and so zen - by Glen!

And finally the awesome Northern lights - by Celina. She sees them regularly and told me that they actually move when you whistle at them...

And as always there were other subjects too!

These fine pears with strong shadows, by Carol

 A belated lilie of the Valley - so lovely and fragile, by Vanessa

An awesome radiant bouquet by Bev

 And Cathie has taken up a new challenge! She is currently experimenting to paint the moment the brush hits the water and a cloud of paint spreads...

Monday, 7 May 2018

Watercolours of Lilies of the Valley

 Patience is back! She was afraid she had forgotten all about painting but, luckily (and not quite unexpected) she remembers how it's done, and look at her first this year!!

Last time the Aquarellistas got together, it was the first of May, the Day of the Workers, symbolized in France with the 'Muguet' or Lily of the Valley.  Guess what our inspiration was....

Marvellous modern interpretation by Annabel Clarke

A perfect Lillie of the Valley, with strong background, by Celina  

Marie-Claire's subtle version, the thick green background actually works well!!

Jane painted this awesome, free impression of the muguet
Michele F created two versions - based on the same example, but so different

Vanessa is back - and she has not forgotten how to paint. This amazing bunch already works!

Sylvie D. worked along with us from home - and created her version in her usual free style. Love it!

And last but by no means least, Sandra's 2 minute muguet-painting. Amazing use of wet-in-wet and negative space...

Of course there were also other projects going on:
 Brigitte fiished her poivron from the complementary colours-project

 Liz started with not one, but two water paintings! They still have some masking fluid on them but you can already see that she nailed it!

Michèle C - our Breton correspondent works with us - And How! Here's her water-project. One word: Fab!!

 Bev is back! She landed in Nice, came straight to the Hangar - and started this wonderful flower composition with peonies, gerberas and irises. A super painting!

 Sandra's beautiful Berber man is now officially finished. He is mild and wise. Very well done!

Monday, 30 April 2018

The beauty of water - in Aquarelle

 Elia B. - rich in detail, click to see better
Very short comments this time - my days are filled with exhibitions, presentations and other pressing things, but I did want to post about this fantastic subject, recommended to everyone... here are some examples by the Aquarellistas from France...
Sheila. This is a real splash!!

Water by Celina. Fantastic how she always stays true to her personal style!!

Abstract based on water - by Sylvie D. I love it!

Almost symbolic for water, this drop with circles by Glenda

Fab light, fab movement, fab artist! Isabelle experimented with loose painting inspired by flowy transparent background. Above and below.

Linda wasn't delighted with her drop - but I like it. And that means posting it!

Other subjects and projects;
Marie-Claire's Sylvie Vartan, finished and SO improved!
Cathie's beautiful vase - flowers a bit further but not much because she was helping me big time...Much appreciated Cat!!
Another gorgeous still life-to-be by Carol

Interesting volume by Hélène - and the start of exercise 3 - the layers (below) Going fast!!

Cyndie started and finished the layers exercise last Tuesday. 
Well done! Those two 'starters' really get it!

And last but not least, the complementary-colour-flower by Marie -Claire. She mixed the violet and combined it with  the yellow, and yes, it jumps from the paper!!