Monday, 15 October 2018

'Big and small' - Watercolour theme of the week

To be finished, but already funny and sharp, like herself - Marie-Claire's maxi and mini fish

After last week's session there was a Hangar board meeting and in the busy hassle I did not take pictures of all the work! I am sorry - there was more good stuff out there... Next week I'll be back to my structured self, promise! That said - here are some great examples of what the theme 'Big and small' can lead to:

 Fabulous, these big & small  'champignons lumineuses' by Sylvie D. Out of hand, spontaneous. 

And how about the big 'coeur de boeuf' and the tiny cherry tomato by Hélène!  

Very big compliment for Michele, especially on how she expressed the metal! Couldn't be better!

After a lot of hours, Bev finished her Piazza Ducale in Vigevano!! It has so much atmosphere and on top of that a very good looking glass of chablis in the foreground. We admire your perseverance Bev!

Not yet completed, the view on a Tourtour street. When finished, this will be posted in the 'Trip to Tourtour' on the Hangar Blog.

 Maud worked very hard on her village and is really on her way to create something to be proud of!

 A first watercolour by Leonie. She is an experienced painter but this was a first watercolour experiment. I think this is really something she could express herself in and she liked it too, so, expect to see more!

Both Judith (above) and Jutta (below) finished their 'suggest transparency' exercise and then experimented with masking fluid. Next week: salt - and then they're ready to join the 'advanced' group. They've made their mistakes and discovered their solutions. Next step is further developing their style. Up to now I like what I see, very different but both with an interesting and personal take.

Ilse has missed a Tuesday - and worked on the background-foreground-details exercise. The photo doesn't do her delicate work justice, it is really very well executed and beautiful and I'm also sure that all she learned came back to her.

 O my, this patchwork-quilt by Celina. It is so good!! And interesting, you can really imagine a little story in each piece .

 A very good start for Sheila. When finished her watercolour quilt will be equally warm and cuddly and full of stories I'm sure

Monday, 8 October 2018

Watercolours patchwork

Carol's patchwork quilt - only halfway done, but already absolutely gourgeous, in colour and in shape.

In this blogpost you'll get an update of the creations of the aquarellista group, who met up last Tuesday in the Hangar in Chateauneuf! The sujet du jour was 'rolled up quilts' and most took that subject and didn't quite finish. But the first results are already impressive and I can't wait to see them finished - as always they are as different as the personalities of the painters. Watch this space to see the completed versions in the coming weeks!

Celina's rolled up patchwork, in recognizable Celina-style!

Michele's beautiful quilt, only needs a bit of shadow to give it depth and volume!

The first colours on another awesome Liz-interpretation of the subject...

Glen cleverly used the patchwork theme to try out the full wash, how creative! This is the painting after washing it, so in its palest form - next time she'll add the patterns

Another creative interpretation, of Anna-Karin. She is still undecided how this optical illusion will develop,

Above are pictures of the work of all the experienced Aquarellistas, there is also a group of starters. They are working on exercises that introduces the typical properties of watercolours and lets them solve all the challenges with different solutions.

Eyes behind the mask by Judith

Eyes behind the mask by Jutta

How to suggest transparency - of a curtain. You'll see the solutions next post

In the next exercise,  Judith and Jutta were free to do what they wanted within the instruction: 'cool background first, then warm foregound, then details.' 
Both were not too impressed with the results - but I am, because they both showed originality!
Tree-like shape by Jutta

Under-water landscape by Judith

And then there were also the ongoing projects and the personal paintings
Carol's Odd One Out
The awesome apple of our long-distance participant Violet!

Bev's piazza in Vigevano àlmost finished!! We will definitely see the end result before she travels back to Connecticut
And our new participant, Maud, started a street view, on request of a friend...

In the meantime we are also working on a completely different project: we are proving that in watercolours you can achieve the same depth of colour as in oils. So together we are creating a copy in aquarelle of the oil painting 'River Lovers' by Jo Painter. Brenda has really done a lot to make it happen, but also Carol, Marie-Claire, Liz, Hélène and yours truly part-icipated.  Cathie has promised to do one also - and then we are ready to see if we were right! Here's a preview:

Monday, 1 October 2018

Theme - Turquoise in Watercolours

a turquoise turquoise by Isabelle.

Another great session on Tuesday afternoon, with the Aquarellistas of the Hangar! We had the colour 'turquoise' as our guideline &  inspiration. And as always the results were very different, interesting and inspiring!  The pictures are a bit bluer than the actual paintings, it turned out that turquoise is a hard colour to photograph!
 Isabelle also painted this turquoise stone mask - a bit on the green side, but  o so mysterious!
 Sandra has started with a beautiful wreath-like shape, with fantasy leaves (of which some are turquoise). She works on handmade paper, on the wrong side, without top layer. Which absorbs the pigment immediately - and leaves the water on top. Great effects - curious how this will look when finished!

 Glen has finished the basics of this window with turquoise shutters. I love the south french light & shadow! Needs a bit more contrast in the window itself for an even more exciting effect, that I'm sure she will do perfectly!

 Sylvie combined her favourite colour with her favourite way of working, the mosaic, into this composition. Is she going to leave the middle white? I'm curious!

Amazing mask of turquoise stones, by Liz. Super well done! 

Anna-Karin is back and she experimented with fantasy-landscapes, using turquoise. We all agreed that all three are awesome - and different -  but o so recognizable as Anna-Karin's

Anna Karin used round shapes in the last of her three watercolours. Works so good as a foreground

Liz' round shapes of the odd one out also work excellent on their own...

And the last one in this weeks'  Liz - collection: a very good evening painting! with violet, that is so much warmer than paynes grey for instance...

More evening paintings: the starters exercise is now finished 

 Judith finished hers - we agreed it is super and looks like a cruiseship

 And so did Jutta - and hers looks like Cinqueterre!

Our three starters are almost done with their must-have exercises!  Next week I will present the 3 versions of the last one, a pair of eyes behind an elegant black mask...and here's a preview, created  by Ilse

Monday, 24 September 2018

The odd one out

 The red apple when all the others are green, by Liz
Last week's inspiration was picked up in a great way by all participants! We saw a diversity of fruity interpretations of 'the odd one out'...

Glen put an apple between the oranges

And Marie-Clair put an orange (slice) between the apple slices. And coloured them blue

Between these two beautifully painted tennis balls there will be an apple that looks like them but definitely is different! Very clever. By Carol

In the mean time, fantastic work by the starters:
Out of her washing exercise Jutta created this abstract. It reminds me of a happy butterfly on its way to the sun. Well done, in composition as well as colour balance!
Judith also created an exciting abstract composition - the volume really works well and it makes you look more than once every time. Love it!

  Judith (above) and Jutta (below) have both started with the 'Layer' exercise, where a cityscape at night, seen from the sea, appears after 4 washes. Funny how different they can be!

Ilse finished hers but has second thoughts about the sea so an adapted version may be shown next time!
 Next to her 'Odd one out', Liz finished her rainy day painting. It worked out super well, that wetness!

Sylvie's fantasy fish. On the one hand it is mosaic, on the other hand, looking so lively and quicksilvery! Excellent!

And to give something to drool over, here's Cathie's onion-painting in its' finishing stages...