Monday, 20 February 2017

Watercolour Valentines

 Agnès created this unbelievably gorgeous heart - with dragonflies

Our last get-together happened to coincide with valentine's day -  and of course we let ourselves be inspired by love and its main symbol...

Michele C's awesome emerald heart

A colourful heart with a highlight that is also a looking glass - a typical original Celina 

Elia B combined her hearts with the loveliest snails - not yet quite finished but already lovely

 series of transparent hearts - they look as if you can just pick them up from the paper! By Carole

And another daring bold painting by Liz!! Full of character... I love it.
Melting glass (my interpretation); so dramatic.


 Tana didn't love her pear still life anymore and decided to use them to practice dewdrops on. That led to also painting a couple of balls - and the reason I post this try-out painting is mainly to show the optical illusion: the pears with the 'marbles' on them have lost their volume - that is because of how your brain works... It interprets the shapes and decides they must be flat. The pear with the dewdrops is still round! Cool! 😁

 Fabulous still life with peppers by Carole. Well done! 
 Very good the layers exercise - shame on me for the picture - but still visible that Brigitte did a good job here! 
Also on the  other 'layers' exercise. Background (bluish) ->Foreground (warm colours)-> Details. The sky is superb and really works!

Monday, 13 February 2017

Bold, Bald & Patterns - good watercolour subjects

Good painting work by Michele C! The eyes really 'look' at you...

The subject du jour was 'Bald heads' and 'do something with them'. Stripes, patterns, tattoos... It worked out fine - so here are the results, of a lovely and concentrated small group of Aquarellistas:

 Liz left the bald head as it was and put the stripes in the background. Very arty effect!

 This is Agnès'painting, inspired by Nathalie Portman (who totally gets away with 'bold') - have a close look at the salt effect on the scalp!!!

Elia painted her version of Sinead O'Connor - with cubist colourings! 

The person who created the bald and bold painting above did not like the result at all, and I appreciate that, yet, this portrait is so strong and spontaneous that I still want to show it to our readers!! And hope you get to work in this way too from time to time: it is not always about the result!!

Anna-Karin 'patterned' a bowl still life - and believe me, the original is even better! The light is amazing...

Because the group was so small I had time to also get some work done in between making tea and trying to get the CD player to work... Thank you Brigitte for the picture!

this is a study for the portrait of Joseph Bermond, a previous mayor of Valbonne. It is some time ago that he had that role: his granddaughter lives next to Brigitte. She is 84 years old 😁

 Michele C. finished the Rooster and his girlfriend - Fan-Tas-Tique! Love the shadows, such a sunny picture!

 Elia added a little bit more colour and defined her 2017 bloody Rooster a bit more. 
Very good strong painting!
 Anna Karin finished her Albino painting - very well done, true to her style and quite lively for a still life

And last but by no means least - the fabulously delicate pen and inkpot by Cathie. Amazing work as always!

 Brigitte has worked hard on three exercises! Two of them in this post. Above the spheres, now with very convincing, strong-light shadows, and below the layers-exercise:
 Very cleverly done with the white reflection (of the stars) in the orange layer. You may also notice a change in the windows in the picture on the right. And coming session  a bit more 'randomness' needs to be added to the calm water... But all in all, well understood and well executed!!
Next session it's Valentine's day - so watch this space, as deeply romantic works will be created by everyone I'm sure 💗💕💔💓(or NOT!)

Monday, 6 February 2017

Welcome to the year of the Rooster! Aquarellista style...

Since 2018 we're in the Chinese year of the rooster. The  experts say that "the year of the Rooster will be a powerful one, with no middle of the road when it comes to moving forward. This year, impressions count. You’ll want to look your best and be clear on your intentions concerning love, money, and business. Stick to practical and well-proven paths to ensure success, rather than risky ventures." In other words - be careful out there while wearing something smart!

The Aquarellistas let themselves be inspired by this proud and beautifully dressed bird. Have a look at the different styles and note that all pictures have something very personal to tell!!

 André's awsome rooster, certainly looks its best  and carefully but surely steps forward...

 Elia B.'s fabulous rooster, so well done (Note the symbolic blood on his crown). 

Sandra's rooster carefully steps into the new year - fluffy as he is, there's clearly a lot of strength

 A lovely couple by Michele C

Sturdy Rooster -young I think, and a bit shy- with an absolutely amazing background by Birgitta

Agnès painted and drew this colourful proud example, as always with a smile (or a wink)

Beautiful colours, powerful and with its feet firmly on the ground, in recognizable Liz-style

Apart from the Roosters, there were other projects  going on!
The last Albino paintings were finished:
Cathie's incredibly fragile and delicate Albino boy. Look at that hair...
Albino ladybug, such an original choice and what a strong composition with the leaf, the dewdrops and the red variety. By Celina - who else!

There were exercises:
Background-Foregroud-Details exercise by Michele F. The patterns work out very well - they're almost like tattoos!

Marbles-with-shadows exercise by Brigitte. Great to do but not the easiest yet Brigitte definitely nailed it.

And then of course the ever surprising 'miscellaneous':

Almost finished still life by Carol. Better than the original. Impressive.

Awesome picture of girl with shawl. Well done Sylvie!

 The finished scarecrows by Agnès. So cute! (visit her blog for a better picture)

 And witness the start of a new delicate artwork by Cathie! More next week, can't wait!

Monday, 30 January 2017

All things albino - and more

 A-do-rable albino hedgehog by Elia B. Too cute!!

Lovely light monochrome watercolour with  beautiful albino man & mouse by Michèle C

Anna-Karin (she's back!)'s Amazing 'Albino' still life.

 And talking about being back - Birgitta also popped in after a long time 
 and had a great creative start with this angelic fantasy portrait

Celina will paint an Albino ladybug in the white space - she didn't finish because she practiced 'dewdrops' first (see below)

 These vintage shoe stretchers by Carole are now finished,
I think they are absolutely awesome!

 Elia B.'s Still life with Boot-Stretchers now perfected!

Ballet shoes - painted with flair in Liz's typical style. And still fragile

Michele F spent the afternoon with this 4 layer exercise and she nailed it! Best sea ever!!

Here's and experiment, of Liz. She wasn't specifically after creation of beauty, she tried out the patterns on the lobster pots and played with atmosphere and far versus close by, and I think this is fantastic idea, to just try stuff out without result-obligation. 
As you can see, that can also lead to a great looking picture...
  Sylvie is on a roll. Here a finished painting of a Bedouin woman...

 ...and the start of a comic book-style woman with roses

Celina's practice sheet with dewdrops...that worked out pretty well!
 And last but not least... the start of a poetic still life by Carol. I love the light!