Monday, 21 September 2020

Dogs with toys in Aquarelle

This happy dog, proudly skipping home with his chicken-toy, his feet not touching the ground - was painted by Brenda. Makes me happy just to look at it...

Last aquarellista session we felt like painting cute animals so we painted puppies and little dogs with their toys. The paintings came out soft, colourful and funny. And we talked a lot as well!!

This is Cooky, Jutta's black and mostly white family dog, who 'came back to life'  because she painted him. It is so good to commemorate a loved one with a painting. You can see that she knew and loved him well from the perfect shape and details, drawn from knowledge...

This emperor Penguin  with kid was started by Sylvie. There are several challenges, like the texture on the mothers' back and she is tackling them one by one. No doubt it will be awesome when it is ready. More next week!
Michele-from-Bretagne painted her beloved dog Ouzo with his 'homemade' toy. Such a beautiful, heartfelt tribute to a friend.

This very fluffy, little rascal running with such enthusiasm after his ball is painted by Hélène, in her new favourite colour terre de sienne brûlee (or 'caramel' 😀)

In the meantime

Hélène also finished her Stripey shadow portrait. Quite interesting and beautiful caramel coloured, but she wasn't over the moon with it. SHe is now experimenting with 'torn up' versions, for the time being with photocopies...


This is a completely different version of the subject. It is created by Jutta and it is so peaceful, with its soft earthy colours, and the beautiful features of the girl, but the most important for the expression are the closed eyes...

Here's the finished cowl with peppers by Carol . What can I say, it is awesome on so many levels! She used the complementary colour green to obtain the strong and natural shadows, salt for the background, and an intriguing blue bowl to tie that unruly bunch of peppers together.

Celina is trying a new approach to her determined style. The colours are so much softer, and the shapes interesting and soft.I am looking forward - or just simply curious- to see what this will develop into

As always, Judith follows her own path. She uses the colours of her palette and sees what it brings her. Last Tuesday the results were less abstract - and especially the one up here is so very strong, I love it. (And if you click and enlarge you can see a 'rabbit' facing its fears...






Monday, 14 September 2020

Stripey Shadows


Liz created a peaceful portrait within the theme du jour 'stripey shadows', monochrome and very strong in expression.

We've had our first session after the summer break. It was wonderful to see each other again - of course wearing facial masks and keeping our distance, yet the painting was good as ever!  

Our remote correspondent Michele created this poetic soft watercolour of  a boy. What is he thinking? Or is he day dreaming in the sun... Art with a story, I love it!

Randi stayed in the tradition of a shadow on a face. The mouth and eye, although only suggested, are strong enough to show an expression and give an impression of what the model looks like.

This is just one eye and it still expresses melancholic contemplation. Sonya painted it and was not over the moon with it - and that is very important because she is the artist. I find it very good though 😌.

Hélène has created a very good drawing as the basis for a her stripey shadows. The finished work will be in next week's blog - looking forward to that!
And this is a very good example of a Zen Watercolour! It is created by Jutta and it calms me down just to look at it. What a beautiful face!
In the meantime...
Carol has been painting in the holidays, for example the simply beautiful portrait of two pears (below). In our aquarellista group she started a bowl of peppers. Not yet finished - but absolutely amazing in colour and structure!
 Glen worked on these figs, she experimented with the (ongoing) background, suggesting old wood, shadow and light. It looks really good and firm! The lemons are home-painted, They certainly need an 'ongoing' shadow like the figs, but apart from that, they have great volume. Good start for sure!

 Judith painted two wet-in-wet landscapes. They are very different - both wonderful in their own way! Note that the one below is Judith's own favourite - it is exactly how she wants to work.


Sandra worked on this composition project that has several interesting layers.It comes down from a very light subtle sky to a substantial sea and land section. Impressive work, with many different textures and Sandra's signature power- and beautiful lines...
Last but not least: the honeysuckle Brenda started before the summer break - now finished. It is subtle and elegant and very strong!


Monday, 7 September 2020

Holiday Aquarelles - a collection

Jutta is working on fruits and veggies in preparation for our Cookbook no doubt. These lemons here are book-worthy for sure...

All aquarellistas have been on holiday the past month - and because most of us stayed home (no punishment in the South of France)  most have been painting - and some have sent it to me and given permission to put in in the first blog of the season... 

Avocado in loose style - well done and so good to experiment with other ways of getting there! The yummy figs below are also painted by Jutta!

Michele was the second to send in two mouth-watering recipes for our Aquarellista Cookbook. With matching excellent watercolours of course, one for a Pepper Salad and one for a Oriental red mullet...

Sue painted a wild-child impression of an o-so neat flowerpot. Love her style!

Sonya painted this honeysuckle. It is so beautiful - also because of the mysterious light
Next week we will be fully back on track and you'll see the results here!


Monday, 3 August 2020

Swapping our Watercolours: the Results!

Cathie painted an interesting background with green and blue dripping, dotted masking fluid and possibly candle wax. Jutta looked long and hard and created this emotional  vampire atmosphere in the blistering rain...

'Swapping' - That's something we do when we can sit outside. Where we can use as much water as we need. An plash and spatter and then give the next person the board to finish. It is so much fun - loosens you up and gets everyone out of their comfort zone. The results are often interesting and funny and always different from what we usually do!
Here are the results, not all are completed but we have promised each other to finish them during the summer break and of course show them to you.

Sandra started this painting with a thick gesso smear and a black element. Brenda then used that input to create a 'Hans Hartung'-like bird, that has such a fantastic strength - and despair...

A mega-interesting abstract! Full of interesting techniques, subtle little lines and spots and stamps. It is wonderful. A combined effort of Brenda (background) and Sandra (foreground)

Celina painted a background using salt, with fabulous green shades and a bit of pink. Marina immediately recognised an upper lip - which became a mouth and  of course developed in a friendly face. To be finished this summer!

Jutta painted a very wet and beautiful blue-toned background, and then Cathie painted these bright orange fruity shapes on them, with a dark contrasting flowy shadow. The balls are in a non-balance, which makes the whole picture so exciting to look at!

Then Jutta painted another background, with colours. It was initially picked up by Marina who saw a landscape in it and then Celina took it and created the loveliest funny fantasy-animal. To be finished, looking forward to it...

Marina painted a light background in blue tones. Monica took it after that had dried and immediately recognised a seascape, with a little boat , a light and romantic tree and much much more.

In the meantime...
Cathie had this beautiful start of a honeysuckle flower available to swap but everyone was too much into abstract 'splatter'-mode to dare to take this...

While also painting on her swap, Brenda worked some more on the amazing honeysuckle. Not to see in the picture, it is quite large and already looking amazing! She will continue with it after the summer holidays...

Celina painted this last week - and because it is for the Aquarellista cookbook, I had saved it there, not in the blog. But look how great it is! For a Yummy  recipe that uses lemons and mint. - and ingredients from two other paintings

More lemons, by Jutta. Likely also for a recipe in our Aquarellista Cookbook. A fresh lemon cake comes to mind... or a home made limoncello...

Monday, 27 July 2020

Honeysuckle in Aquarelle

Honeysuckle, our subject du jour

'Honeysuckle' was our theme last week. We had the real plant (in an Ikea bowl Anna Karin!) and pictures and all Aquarellistas worked with pleasure on there delicate, lovely smelling flowers

Liz added some of the honeysuckle to het glass still life and they are a very good addition

This amazing colourful flower, with the finest stamens and a fantastic background, is painted by Marie-Jo... Fantastic!

Experimenting with masking fluid, Monica created this painting. Initially she wasn't happy, but after making a round when she saw it again, she started liking it. So do I, wonderful!

Brenda started a painting, that will actually have a honeysuckle flower in it - but it is still in a stage where it looks more like a very soft and romantic abstract

Every week Michele is working with us from Bretagne! And every week she surprises us with amazing and original work. 

In the meantime...

In Grenoble, Sonya is painting with us too - and experimenting with watercolour pencils. This amazing horse ('Duerer-like' commented Jutta) is one of the fabulous results. Keep 'em coming!

Randi has started her work on strawberries for a Danish recipe 'Rødgrød med fløde' (for our Aquarellista Cook Book) And she painted the Danish flag Dannebrog for the birthday of her husband. He'll be delighted i'm sure! What a powerful flag - in nature.