Monday, 30 November 2009

Waterlilies in Chateauneuf

Anna Karin Fast worked for a long time on these "pebbles"... It is an interesting development to follow, with the pebbles attracting more attention because the background is contrasting more... 

Again we were a small group of die-hards last time. Same reason as last week for most - flu, nasty colds and other winter-illnesses hit hard at the moment! But the aquarellista's-present, did a great job on yet more impressions of Chateauneuf!

Sandra Seymour-Dale started on a very interesting watercolour - can't wait to see the finished product!!

Cathie van der Stel finished this fabulous and romantic door in the village...

And Birgitta Engvall did it again - what a mysterious, quiet atmosphere!

We also worked on another subject, "water lilies". Not all of those are finished, you'll see them in next post, but two are definitely worth showing now!
First of all Denise Holt visited. Originally French, she lives and works in the US. She is an aquarellista too and as long as she is visiting France, she'll work with us! Here are her water lilies:

And Anna Karin Fast did a version - in her typical, spontaneous and "fast" style

More later - I will participate in "les petitis formats", an exhibition organised by the artothèque of neighbouring village Valbonne - and I will be posting about that for sure...

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