Sunday, 20 December 2009

"Les petits formats" in Valbonne

As mentioned in the post below, I am working on a couple of new ideas, and some of the studies for that are in the "petits formats" show in Valbonne.

"Perles" - a serie of studies inspired by the designs I am making for a dutch jewelry maker

"Solitaire" - not sure what this is going to develop into, but for now it is quite symbolic - silhouettes of women alone, with the wide wide world in front of, next and behind them

"Roses" as you may know them from me - only smaller sizes...
It is an exhibition organized by the Artothèque: fifteen of "their" artists show small size work, paintings, prints, sculptures, drawings, collages, raku -and aquarelles- for very attractive prices. It is very well visited and I have already sold 3 aquarelles- but there are still a lot left and the Christmas sales haven't started...

If you have time, make sure you go there and have a look, because apart from my petites aquarelles, there are also the necklaces that I design for the dutch brand Merrl TM (cost price!) and of course work of the other artists of the artothèque, amongst them well known ones like Sally Ducrow, Noël Monmarson and Daï from Nice.

There has already been a lot of publicity, two articles in Nice Matin, announcements on Riviera Radio and lots of attention in the local magazines.

Anyway - whether you are just interested in what local artists create, want to invest in art or buy unique Christmas presents for your loved ones - you shouldn't miss this!! Go have a look in Valbonne, the expo is in the Salle Saint Esprit, next to the church. I will be there and happy to meet you all on Wednesday and off and on on the other days.
Free entrance from 10AM until 6PM every day until 24 December. NB: The famous Valbonne Christmas market starts the 22nd...

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